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Joe Biden scored a decisive victory in the South Carolina primary

Alexander Alexeenko - 01.03.20

Biden wins the primaries in South Carolina. He was considered the leader of the Democratic election race until the primary stage, but was on the third place in the total number of votes of delegates.

Former US Vice President Joe Biden wins Saturday’s Democratic primary in South Carolina. According to preliminary data, he received a little less than 50 percent of the vote, followed by Senator Bernie Sanders received about 20 percent of the vote. Biden received 48.4% of the vote, former Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders — 19.9%, billionaire Tom Steyer — 11.3%, ex-mayor of South Bend (Indiana) Pete Butageage - 8.2%, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren - 7.1%, the remaining candidates — a total of about 5%, this is evidenced by the results of processing 100% of the ballots published on The New York Times website. Most analytics and polls predicted Biden’s victory in the state, but the gap was larger than in polls.


The first victory of Joe Biden in the primary election significantly strengthens his position in the struggle for the nomination for US Presidential Democratic Party. In Primary elections held so far in three states, Senator Bernie Sanders, who, according to opinion polls, has become the favorite of Democratic voters in recent weeks, has been ahead of him. He is now supported by an average of 30 percent of respondents, Biden - 20. The prospect of a victory for Sanders, representing the left wing of the Democratic Party, brings worries to the establishment, as Sanders’s ideas are not believed to be supported by most Americans, and he has little chance of winning the presidential election.

Joe Biden scored a thundering victory Saturday in South Carolina’s Democratic primary on the strength of African American support, a decisive win that could force moderate rivals out of the race and blunt the rise of progressive leader Bernie Sanders. In his speech on Saturday evening, Joe Biden proclaimed that he was a candidate for those Democrats who want to achieve results, not revolution, transparently hinting at his opponent Bernie Sanders, who in his speeches speaks of revolutionary changes.

“Thank you, South Carolina,” the former Vice President wrote on Twitter. "Only a few days ago, the press and observers announced that our campaign was over. However, after tonight it is clear that we are very much alive and we need your help to continue moving forward," Biden added.

For several months he was considered the leader of the Democratic election race, but before that he could not demonstrate convincing results from the primary elections and meetings of party activists in other states.


Third place in South Carolina took billionaire Tom Steyer. He spent about $ 22 million on advertising in this state — an order of magnitude more than his rivals. The third place, however, did not bring him a single delegate to the party congress — he won less than the required 15 percent of the vote. Steyer admitted defeat and refused to continue the struggle for presidential nomination. Seven candidates remained in the Democratic race — an unusually high number for this phase of the campaign.

Based on preliminary results, the primaries in South Carolina Sanders enlisted the support of 54 delegates. Biden received 44 votes, Buttigieg — 26, Warren — eight, Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobushar — seven. To nominate a Democratic presidential candidate in the first round of voting at the party’s national congress on July 13-16 in Milwaukee (Wisconsin), the applicant must get the 1991 votes of the delegates.

On Tuesday, primary elections will be held in fourteen states, including large ones like Texas and California. For the first time, the former Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, will take part in them. Bloomberg also has a centrist position. In some states, his rating is higher than Biden’s. In nationwide polls, he ranks third, only two points behind Biden. Biden captures Trump's impeachment topic as he seeks a rebound back.

Joseph Biden advocates the immediate withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Biden emphasized that, as Vice President at Barack Obama, he advocated pursuing a policy against Afghanistan based solely on the fight against terrorism and not involving serious US interference in internal affairs.

“The restoration of this country as a nation is completely beyond our capabilities,” the politician said.

“First of all, as the President of the United States of America, I will make sure that all our troops will return home and begin negotiations with the Taliban,” Biden said. He noted that he intends to leave “small groups of special forces in Afghanistan that could repel a possible threat, in case we fail to hold sufficiently good negotiations on the fight against terrorism".

The US presidential election is scheduled for November 3, 2020. If Biden becomes President, he will be 78 years old at the time of his Inauguration, which could make him the oldest President in the history of the country (Ronald Reagan currently holds the record, who served until 77).

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