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Leap Day: Even Google celebrates with Doodle

Alexander Alexeenko - 29.02.20

February 29 is a rare calendar day that occurs only in a leap year — once every four years. According to superstition, this year you can’t marry, give birth, change job or buy an apartment or a house. A leap year is a year that is one day longer, and it happens only once every four years. This is due to the fact that the astronomical year for which the planet makes a complete a single loop around the Sun is 365 days and 6 hours. Therefore, in four years, an “extra” day accumulates — February 29.


Once every four years Google celebrates Leap Day with an animated homepage Doodle. This year it looks as two funny figures between two dates of passing February and coming March.


So far some people believe that danger should be expected in a leap year, so it’s better not to start new business, not to change job, not to spend for substantial purchase and not to tell anyone about plans: the luck can scares away. Some people believe that the worst day of the year is February 29: you can’t start any business, it’s better not to leave the house and postpone work. The remaining 365 days a year are quite suitable for a normal and, in general, a happy life.

The astrologists advise to burn the calendar page of February 29 or paint this day with a pen, so failures do not exactly affect you in 2020. According to popular beliefs, to marry a leap year is a bad sign — marriage will be unhappy.


Despite such a strong negative attitude towards February 29, some thinks that being born on this day is a success. Some of these people in their non-leap years celebrate their birthday on the last day of winter, February 28, some prefer March 1, while someone celebrates two, and on leap years, even three days stright, they are also known as Leaplings, Leapsters or Leapers. Famous Leaplings include rapper Ja Rule, late actor Dennis Farina, soap opera star Antonio Sabato, Jr., motivational speaker Tony Robbins, Foster the People lead singer Mark Foster, and the late Dinah Shore.

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