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The owner found her dog twelve years later, a thousand miles from home

Alexander Alexeenko - 14.10.19

This happened in the south of Florida back in 2007 - a toy-terrier breed dog disappeared from his family’s house. And now, after 12 years, a dog named Dutchess was found in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, more than 1,000 miles from home.

When the owner met her darling, she could not hold back her tears and said that all these years she had not lost hope of reuniting with Dutchess. Happy Katheryn Strang kissed, hugged the dog, and asked, as if expecting an answer from her: “Where have you been for so long?”

Katherynmeets her dog, lost 12 years ago

And Dutchess, who by dog ​​standards for many years - she was already 14, was discovered near his garage by a resident of Pittsburgh. She was very weak, hungry and trembling from the cold. The garage owner drove the animal to Humane Animal Rescue. Employees of the organization found a microchip on Dutchess, and determined that her place of residence was in the city of Boca Raton in Florida and told the dog owner the good news.

She admits that although she hoped for the best, she did not immediately believe the report about Dutchess. So many years passed, and the runaway was so far from home that it was hard to believe that she was alive and unharmed. But Katheryn still hit the road, drove 1,130 miles, and met her pet.

At a press conference, Katheryn told how the dog disappeared. Twelve years ago, her son opened the door, leaving for school, Dutchess ran out into the street and did not return. They looked for her on the streets, contacted animal shelters to find out if there was a family favorite.

Where have you been for so long?

But time passed, and Dutchess was not. However, her devoted mistress continued to pay an annual microchip fee and updated her contact information if she changed her place of residence.

When the dog disappeared, Katheryn lived in Orlando, near a very busy street, and decided that the dog could be hit by a car, or, at best, some kind person took her to her home.

But then the best thing happened that could happen to the lost dog, and she returned to her loving owner. “Animals are like our children,” Katheryn believes, and admitted that her pet seriously needs a nail clipper.

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