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Coronavirus death toll in China

Alexander Alexeenko - 28.03.20

The first cases of unusual pneumonia were recorded in Chinese Wuhan in December last year. The virus, dubbed COVID-19, has been detected in other countries. "EN" tells how novel coronavirus the spreads all over the globe and perform China death toll chronic.

On December 31, 2019, there were reports that at least 27 people were hospitalized in Chinese Wuhan, seven of them in critical condition. Then it was a case of pneumonia of unknown origin. Death toll list does not open. According to experts from the State Health Committee of China, there is no pandemic threat yet. The department promised in a short time to study using molecular-epidemiological methods the origin of pathogens of a dangerous disease. Little is known about the symptoms of this type of pneumonia. Reportedly, the new virus can cause not only pneumonia, but also dysfunction of vital organs. More essential information find in Q & A.


1. January 2020 coronavirus in China number of cases and death toll

On the 9th, there was information that a new type of coronavirus became the causative agent of the outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan (the administrative center of Hubei Province). This was established by Chinese epidemiologists.

On the 11th, China reported the first dead from a new type of coronavirus, which opened death toll.

As of 11th, according to preliminary data, 41 cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus were detected. Seven people are in serious condition, two have already been discharged from the hospital, and the condition of the remaining patients is assessed as stable. In addition, another 739 people are under medical observation. Among them there are 419 doctors who contacted patients. So far, these people have no symptoms of the disease.

On the 20th, the PRC authorities confirmed the possibility of transmitting a new type of coronavirus from person to person. According to the latest data, the number of infected has increased to 217 people. The first confirmed case of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus was reported in South Korea. The woman who came from Wuhan fell ill.

On the 21th, American media, citing the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reported that the country had its first case of coronavirus. The sick person is a man who recently returned from China.

On the 22th, Chinese authorities began talking about a coronavirus mutation and a global epidemic.

"There is a risk of a progressive spread of the disease," said Li Bin, deputy head of the State Committee for Hygiene and Health of the PRC.


She noted that most coronavirus infections in China occurred by airborne droplets.

On the 22th, Thai authorities recognized the first case of infection novel coronavirus. The patient, under the control of the department, was a 74-year-old woman who caught COVID-19 after a trip to Wuhan before the New Year.

On the 22th, there was information that the death toll from coronavirus in China reached 17 people. In the country 444 patients were registered with the corresponding symptoms, all of them are located or visited the city of Wuhan.

In the morning of January 23, residents of Wuhan, which became the epicenter of the outbreak of pneumonia, will be temporarily prohibited from leaving their city for no particular reason. By such measures, the Chinese authorities are trying to limit the spread of coronavirus and stop the toll death. Wuhan public transport, metro, ferries and long-distance flights are temporarily suspended. Outbound flights from the airport and train stations are temporarily closed.

January 23, it became known that the first death from a new coronavirus outside the focus of the initial spread of the disease was recorded in China. A patient at the age of 80 died on the eve, but information that he was infected with coronavirus. Thus, the total number of death in China has reached 18 people.

2.Death toll opened in Europe

One day later, in France, doctors officially confirmed two cases of infection with COVID-19. This is the first manifestation of the disease in Europe.
At the same time the first case of infection with novel infection was detected in Australia. A Chinese citizen who came to Australia from Wuhan turned out to be infected. They were hospitalized in a suburb of Melbourne.

January, 26 in Canada recorded the first case of infection COVID-19. 50-year-old man who arrived Toronto from Wuhan felt ill and hospitalized. According to the latest data in China the number of deaths has increased to 54. Chinese authorities warned about accelerating the epidemic. The ability of the new type of 2019-nCoV to be transmitted from person to person is increasing, and therefore the number of death and infected can continue to grow. Death toll of the novel disease in China reached 80.

The return of the virus is afraid of both the Chinese themselves and epidemiologists. The pandemic viruses with the infectious level of COVID-19, which mankind survived in 1889 and 1918, had three waves each, the researchers recall. Moreover, the subsequent ones were more deadly than the first.

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