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Family doctor has created a recipe for a magic drink that cures hundreds of diseases

Alexander Alexeenko - 20.10.19

Dr. D.S. Jarman is sure that he made the discovery and presented the world with a miraculous drink that can be prepared from ordinary products from a local supermarket.

The doctor created the new herbal tea for 25 years and as a result of painstaking research, a drink appeared that the doctor claims cures everything: colds, allergies, heart pains, high blood pressure, impotence, obesity, deafness, herpes zoster, acne and even hemorrhoids!


All these years, the family doctor Dr. D.S. Jarman spent in the remote home state of Vermont, studying the ancient art of traditional medicine. And in his village doctor’s book, Fun with Traditional Medicine, he gives a simple recipe for a miraculous drink.

Buy any herbal tea at the grocery store, put two tablespoons of honey in a cup, add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and the healing drink is ready. Decaffeinated coffee can also be used.

“Drink one or more times a day as needed. The mixture is not only good for health, but also very tasty,”says Dr. D.S. Jarman.

Men who were completely powerless for years gained full sexual energy after drinking one glass of miraculous tea at each meal for two months.

Dr. Jarman believes that a glass of his wonderful tea in the morning and another glass at night is the best tonic for cardiovascular disease.

One cup or glass of wonderful tea daily ends hair loss and stimulates the growth of new hair, and also eliminates itching and dry scalp, giving the skin a healthy, youthful glow.

Miracle Tea improves blood circulation, fights chronic cold in the arms and legs and prevents legs from falling asleep.

The drink provides a healthy dose of calcium. Studies show that blood calcium levels will immediately increase and remain high for 24 hours after the patient drinks one cup of tea, creating strong bones and nails.

Dr. Jarman found that sipping two teaspoons of wonderful tea with each meal can result in weight loss of up to 10 pounds per month.

And three glasses of miraculous tea per day can increase your mental abilities and significantly sharpen your memory.

“Just put a note on the fridge with a reminder to drink tea,” the doctor jokes.

Nevertheless, it should be understood that miracle tea is not a substitute for medical treatment, and before drinking it, consult your doctor for advice.

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