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Copy of Thor: Norwegian officer Lasse Matberg

Alexander Alexeenko - 04.05.20

198 centimeters of muscle mass, luxurious long hair and a white-toothed smile. Meet Lasse Matberg. The mesmerizing Instagram of an employee of the Royal Navy of Norway, where you can watch how a handsome Viking Lasse Matberg chopping wood, trains and squeezes a furry dog, became a hit: in just five days, the number of its subscribers reached 250 thousand people. But 30-year-old Lasse Matberg claims that he is an ordinary Viking, living in the neighborhood.


1. Viking descendant Lasse Matberg

“Before, I could put my phone in my pocket, forget about posing as a model and do my daily work, but now I can’t get from the car to the cafe so that a thousand people do not follow me. Model business was a fun hobby for me, I didn’t go to a model school, ”says Lasse Matberg .

Lieutenant Matberg is not one of those who agree to be content with little. An ideal date for him is a two-hour climb to the top of Prekestulen Mountain, from where one of the most idyllic views in Norway opens. It is a couple of hours drive from the town of Stavanger. The most attractive Viking instagram has ascended to Prekestulen already ten times, and several times not on foot, but on the run. The climb, which takes two hours, is 334 meters. Lasse can cover this distance in 45 minutes.


2. Ugly duck Lasse Matberg

It’s hard to imagine that in his teens, Lasse was teased by the Bugs Bunny because of his protruding front teeth. “I was always a big boy, so I became the captain of a school football team, I was in the right party, but was not popular because of terrible teeth. They were so terrible that my mouth didn’t shut,” he says. The Nordic handsome man shared the secret of the beauty of his hair.

Lasse Matberg never uses a hairdryer, occasionally combes his hair, shampoos and balms his hair, and also uses an indelible mask. He cuts his beard once a week and puts it with a matting agent. It’s not that Lasse was thinking about his first dates in the last five years, but you can guess that for him the perfect date is not a romantic candlelight dinner at all.

He admitted that he does not like rush and prefers to calculate the next step in a relationship, rather than looking for another passion. He is a convinced monogamous, who by the age of 30 had only three girls. In high school, as soon as he was removed the braces at the age of 14, he began dating the girl and got the first kiss in just one evening. And then a legend was born. His first girlfriend was red-haired and blue-eyed.

Having enlisted in the army, growing his hair and beard, a fitness fan Lasse Matberg developed a passion for posing in front of the camera. Lasse said that earlier it was possible to calmly check the Instagram and put the phone back in your pocket, and now the girls recognize him on the streets and stop him to take a selfie.

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