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Secrets that will help to prepare your skin for autumn

Alexander Alexeenko - 16.10.19

Now the summer is gone and we have to deal with cold autumn weather, flues and rains. All of that are not the best things for your skin. During autumn your skin might look tired, feel dry and has pimples and redness. Do not worry, we are here to help! Express-News will tell you some secrets. That will help you to keep your skin healthy and keep it glowing.

Dry skin

If your skin looks tight and dry you may need to pay attention at your beauty routine and water consumption. Make sure that you hydrate your skin and drink enough water during the day. Also, try to avoid using hot water and rough washcloth. Stick to soap-free cleaners and moisturizing creams. You might want to visit your beautician for more advice about products you should use.



If you have sun or age spots, make sure that you use enough SPF cream, it is important even during winter. Skin lighteners also might help, you may use special creams, masks and tonics. Please, make sure you speak to your doctor to know that the spots are not dangerous.


Flaking and irritated skin

This problem is very common and it usually indicates dietary imbalance or bad environmental influence. First of all, try using vitamins and add fatty acids to your diet. In other words, eat more nuts, seeds and oil. Also try to avoid hot showers and make sure you are not overheating when you sleep.


Visible fine lines

Fine lines are normal results of aging. But to make it less visible use products that contain 
alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). Another way to make fine lines less visible is moisturizing. Moisture your skin well in the morning and in the evening. Also try face exercises! It will make your face more fit.


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