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5 unknown and weird facts about fast food restaurants

Alexander Alexeenko - 15.10.19

Fast food has many advantages – its cheap, fast and very tasty… But do you know that many restaurants have weird secrets? Express-News are here to tell you about it!

McFlurry spoon

Mc flurry has very strange and unusual shape… Now we know why. It is because of the way this desert is prepared. Firstly they put the ice-cream, toppings and fillers to the cup and then the machine is mixing it all up using the spoon!This shape of the spoon is needed to get attached to the machine.


McDonalds coffee cup

The McDonalds coffee cup has these strange dots, but turns out it is to reveal the drink!Usually one of the dots is “pressed” to reveal what kind of drink is in the cup.


Not all cups are safe!

There are some very dangerous cups, be careful. Usually small street coffee-shops sell drinks in styrofoam cups. They are cheaper but they are very bad for your health and for the environment. You can recognize the material by its special marking — a number 6 in a triangle or the letters, “PS”.


Cold drinks make you hungry

It is proven that when you drink cold sodas you feel more hungry and you eat more. The same works for salty foods. This is why sodas are so cheap in fast-food restaurants… It is better to drink water or hot tea…

cold drinks

You spend more money when you pay at the terminal!

Studies have shown that people order more when they order food at the terminal. This is probably because people do not feel the need to rush and they also do not have to verbalise the order. Keep that in mind next time you are in McDonalds!


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