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Virgo will be able to strengthen its credibility, and the Capricorn will expand their business contacts

Larisa Petrova - 02.05.20

Representatives of the earth element are balanced and practical. These people are not used to hoping for chance, so they try to foresee everything in advance in detail.

Earth signs are responsibility and hard work. They appreciate the comfort of home and aspire to good incomes. To some extent, they are materialistic, because tend to benefit financially even from a friendship or a love relationship.

That will bring them the week of May 4 to May for10 Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn in material and business trends?



In the beginning of the week you can feel wish to shopping. But if you have free money, anyway it is better to refrain from visiting shops or websites online stores. The fact that you are likely to make a bad purchase. As a result, you risk to buy absolutely unnecessary thing, or bought the product may be defective and will have to take it back to the store.

The second half of the week conducive to working in a group of like-minded people. It is also a good time for meetings and conferences. To your opinion will listen, and you will be able to influence collective decisions. Now it is important to actively take the initiative. It is also a great time for planning business and research.


In the beginning of the week, you may have to face adverse external circumstances. In order not to suffer losses you will have to adapt to circumstances and partly to give up personal initiatives. Especially difficult can develop a relationships with superior management and business partners. It is undesirable to negotiate.

The second half of the week is associated with a marked strengthening your credibility. Perhaps you will successful work with clients. Your job in the service sector will be very popular, and clients will recommend you to other customers. Successfully will held promotional events.


Earlier in the week Capricorn may have interference when performing current work. Maybe you will be often to decide questions unrelated to your business. Switching to other people's questions you are going to lose time. And when you will need to finish your job you may not to be in time to complete the work at term . Don't let anyone distract yourself from affairs.

The second half of the week favors the exchange of information, contacts, and studies. Consultants network marketing will be able to hold successful promotional activities and to obtain new customers and subscribers. Creative work will be most productive. Also can grow the revenues from merchants and drivers of vehicles.

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