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5 leading alternatives to Couchtuner movies

Alexander Alexeenko - 27.05.20 (updated 27.05.20)

Couchtuner is one of the widely used applications for watching television series, films and listening to songs. As the streaming industry expands rapidly, there has been significant growth in streaming applications. More and more people are turning to alternatives to streaming giants such as Netflix and Hulu.


Since after the introduction of high membership fees on different streaming sites, people began to look for alternatives to Couchtuner movies. You do not need to worry, because there are many other websites that can provide you with the latest content, and if you are looking for other such applications, take a look at these Couchtuner movies alternatives.

In order of priority, the best options for Couchtuner can help our readers get a daily entertainment solution. Here is a list of 5 Couchtuner movies alternatives that can help you watch your favorite shows on top streaming movie sites.

1. Couchtuner movies options

Cucirca, an alternative to Couchtuner movies, is a free site to help you watch your favorite TV shows online. If you've been hunting for an application that focuses exclusively on T.V shows, Cucirca is the right choice for you! In addition, the minimal user interface of the application provides a truly convenient use, and users can use it without creating an account.

The Series Online. Contrary to what the name of this site suggests, The Series Online, simply put, is an entertainment center. For users looking for a website that focuses on both TV shows and movies, The Series Online is what you need. The website offers users not only advanced search options, but also a wide range of films that it offers. As the name implies, it contains not only the content of the series, but also films that can make it easier for users to search by their contents and the best alternative to Couchtuner movies.

Café Movie is a well-organized website and a beautiful interface, Café Movie offers its users many exciting films and shows to choose from. In addition to being very easy to use, Café Movie also supports Couchtuner movies alternatives, as they are not worth a penny.

Show Box. A rather cryptic application that needs to be downloaded directly from their website, and not from the App Store and Google Play Store - Show Box, is in several respects an ideal alternative to Couchtuner movies. Not only is it completely free, but the Show Box also allows users to receive their daily entertainment programs, which include their favorite movies and TV shows, on their smartphones. However, if a user wants to install Show Box, he can resort to installing Blue Stacks in advance and enjoy streaming on his laptops or desktop computers.

2. Paid alternative to Couchtuner movies

Unlike most of our options, Select TV requires payment, which is slightly different from the completely free alternative to Couchtuner. Although this is not an alternative, Select TV offers users upgrade to a complete entertainment package, at a low price of $ 2 per year, which includes only TV shows, music, movies, radio channels and games.

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