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'Blue-eyed white dragon” — Inked girl Amber Luke

Alexander Alexeenko - 23.05.20 (updated 23.05.20)

Blue-eyed white dragon, 23-year-old Amber Luke has become addicted to tattoos at the tender age of 16. Currently, the girl looks unrecognizable — more than 50 tattoos on her body and colored eye whites in blue.


An Australian piercer specialist from the central coastal state of New South Wales (NSW), spent more than $ 10,000 on her transformation, which included the procedure for bisecting the tongue and stretching the earlobes. Called the 'blue-eyed white dragon,' the Australian insists that she’s “not sorry about anything.”

“I really like the way I look,” Amber said.

Amber Luke says that the nickname 'blue-eyed white dragon' was coined for her by her friends, because after the transformation, the girl began to resemble a fantastic creature.

1. Amber Luke: before and after

Looking at her old and recent photographs, Amber Luke says: 'I look at the photos before and after, and I see that I used to be such a simpleton. I really didn’t like the way I looked. I was bored. ' With an army of more than 21,000 Instagram followers, the Australian stresses that she made her first tattoo as a teenager, treating this as an invaluable experience.

'As soon as I turned 16, I went to a tattoo parlor, inspired by my surroundings. I was just eager to find out what feelings come up when you get a tattoo. ”


'In the same year I developed a real addiction to tattoos. Closer to the 18th anniversary of the tattoos there were already three pieces. When I turned 18, I made my first big tattoo. Now there are more than 50,” Amber Luke adds, “I just can't count them all.”

2. Risk price of Amber Luke’s vision

The girl runs the risk of forever saying goodbye to her eyesight, as her eyeballs have undergone an extreme blue ink filling procedure.

“This procedure took just 40 minutes,” said the 23-year-old Amber Luke. 'She was extremely painful and tense. The eyes were kept open while a syringe was injected into each of them four times. I haven’t seen anything for three weeks. ”

Not wanting to rest on her laurels, Amber modified her tongue — she underwent an operation known as a split tongue, stretched the earlobes for the tunnels and pointed the tips of the ears.

"Bifurcating the tongue also brought a lot of discomfort," she said. “A week after the operation, I could neither speak nor eat. With ears, manipulations were extremely simple. A silicone implant was used to shape the tips of the ears. ”

The most surprising thing is that Amber Luke claims that her friends and relatives treated her with understanding, and her mother rendered simply invaluable support.

"All my friends fully supported my transformation, and my mother from the very first day became my biggest supporter. My mother cried when she found out that I had filled my eyeballs, but then she got used to the decision I made."

Her main inspiration, Amber considers 21-year-old Australian Ethan Bramble, who calls himself "the most modified guy in the world." He went through more than 40 procedures to change his appearance, including removing his belly button and pouring ink into his eyeballs.

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