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Mukbang ASMR whisper of loneliness

Alexander Alexeenko - 25.04.20

The loud eating of fast food online mukbang asmr, has become for bloggers from South Korea not only a job, but also an opportunity to get rid of loneliness. Thousands of Internet users from South Korea gather in front of the monitor every night to watch how other bloggers absorb a huge amount of food over the course of several hours. Before the most popular lovers to eat on the camera, a table is usually laid on which dozens of plates and tons of fast food: fried wings, sushi and other snacks that can be found in Korean restaurants.


1. Mukbang asmr stars in South Korea

For example, the most popular streamer Diva begins her show mukbang asmr late in the evening. In two hours she has time to eat thirty scrambled eggs, a box of crab claws or five packets of instant noodles. On “fasting” days, a girl can eat two medium-sized pizzas, and on one of the hard days she somehow ate twelve beef cutlets, twelve fried eggs, three servings of pork soup and salad. This movement is called "mukbang", which means "broadcast dinner." The main feature of the broadcast is that there should be a lot of food, and the eater usually absorbs it as loudly as possible. We are not talking about any eroticism, it’s just mukbang asmr.


2. Mukbang asmr “careless whisper”

Some associate the popularity of such an unusual entertainment with the passage of ASMR video - several years ago videos began to appear on YouTube in which people talk for quite a long time (usually about an hour) in an intimate whisper about everyday things. Under the #ASMR tag, you can find thousands of videos in different languages, even including Russian, in which girls and guys quietly pick up food for your cat, arrange a passport for you, or help you choose the right costume.

Similar mukbang asmr videos with role-playing game elements can get rid of anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and other ailments. The sounds of eating food may also be able to calm after a hard working day, but such broadcasts are more likely created for those who do not want to eat alone. The mukbang asmr peculiarity also lies in the inhabitants of South Korea - it is simply not accepted to absorb one's dinner alone, but nonetheless, there are enough single Koreans with access to the Internet. A diva usually gathers tens of thousands of viewers, most of which are permanent.

3. Expensive hobby

According to a young Korean woman, Diva, her passion for mukbang asmr began because of loneliness - after a working day at a consulting firm, she wanted to chat over the Internet over dinner. Now her broadcasts are not the first year bring her good earnings. According to the girl, she managed to get better, but imperceptibly — in her mukbang asmr videos she looks slim and experiments with both images and the menu.

On average, it costs about $ 3 thousand per month for food, but an expensive hobby pays off nicely. All broadcasts take place in the Afreeca TV service, which is popular among Koreans, because, unlike YouTube, it has the opportunity to monetize your efforts. Anyone can donate "star balls" - a virtual currency from $ 1 to $ 50, which can then be converted into real money.

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