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The Queen put on a bright green dress for her speech and became a queen meme

Alexander Alexeenko - 25.04.20

Elizabeth II addressed the nation. Twitter users made a queen memes out of it.

Anyone can become a hero of memes, but who would have thought that the Queen herself would be awarded such an honor with queen memes! However, this is so, and there are many pictures walking on the network that you cannot look at without laughter. On the Internet, even the most serious events can make it frivolous. Queen memes are such a typical of them.


1. Queen memes against coronavirus

On April 5, a historic event happened - Queen Elizabeth II addressed the nation because of the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. She thanked the employees of the National Health System and urged the residents of Great Britain and the Commonwealth to unite in the fight against infection. The special appeal was the fifth in 68 years of the Queen's reign. Prior to that, she spoke to the nation in 1991 during the Persian Gulf War.

In her appeal, the queen did not announce any relief from quarantine and did not make forecasts about the end of the epidemic in Britain. She compared the separation of families during the pandemic with the separation of children and parents during World War II.

For performance, Elizabeth II chose a green dress. Some considered this a sign of solidarity with doctors. However, in social networks they saw this as "green stuff" and began to make photo-toads and queen memes.

2. Queen memes as a result of ordinary phone call

The fact that the vast majority of technically savvy people stay at home with a lot of free time has led to some really amazing moments on the Internet, which, frankly, are very necessary in a pretty scary time. First, the Queen and Boris Johnson were given a serious phone call, which is guaranteed to become queen memes as soon as the royal family shares it. And now this queen's beautiful historic appeal to the UK in a rather green dress is the perfect color for Photoshop experts to overlay patterns. (Green screens are used in the production of films because they do not correspond to the color of the skin or, as a rule, to the outfits, so the CGI background / effect can be easily "placed" around a person. That is what people did.)


3. Birthday dress

When choosing a dress for a birthday, you need to ask yourself a number of questions. Do items fit together? Will the outfit not coincide in style with the clothes of the guests? Will I accidentally put on what will become queen memes on the Internet?

Apparently, this important issue was ignored by Elizabeth II - the Queen of Great Britain. Years ago, June 12, the country celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday. Despite the Queen’s birthday was April 21, all the celebrations traditionally took place a month and a half later: on this occasion, a solemn parade was held. The event was attended by all generations of the royal family: children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Elizabeth II. The queen herself conquered the audience with her next bright outfit. The neon green color of the suit was visible from afar.

It was the queen's outfit that became the subject of ridicule and queen memes. Netizens recognized in it “Chromakey” - a green background used when shooting films for editing real frames with computer graphics or other captured scenes. And away we go ...

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