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Police investigate Youngstown Craigslist robberies

Alexander Alexeenko - 21.05.20 (updated 21.05.20)

Police are warning people trying to buy or sell phones and other valuables using online applications and services such as Letgo, Craigslist, Facebook and Buy / Sell / Trade.

Youngstown Police Department says detectives are investigating several robberies related to the Youngstown Craigslist. In several cases, people were robbed after meeting prospective buyers that they contacted through Youngstown Craigslist and similar apps.


1. Offences related to Youngstown Craigslist

Most robberies are committed by minors or young people. They respond to ads that pretend to be older people so that the buyer or seller feels more comfortable. For example, police say a man wants to buy a phone and says he works in a local business.

He asks the victim to meet in this matter. Once there, a teenage man approaches the victim, who claims to be here to buy or sell the item. The police say this should be a red flag and you must leave the area. All the robberies were committed by people on foot.

2. What you should know using Youngstown Craigslist

The police have the following recommendations on how to stay safe when buying or selling items in Youngstown Craigslist and similar apps:

  • When making an appointment, get as much information as possible about the buyer or seller. So you have an idea of who set an appointment.
  • If they say that this is a man between the ages of 30 and 40 and a teenager is coming to you, there is most likely a problem and you should leave this area and not participate in the deal.
  • Use common sense
  • Always do business during daylight hours. Avoid transactions at dusk or at night.
  • Always do business in well-lit public areas. This is true for all platforms, such Youngstown Craigslist.
  • Never go to empty businesses or buildings, even if they are in public places.
  • Never go to the house of the person who buys or sells. Tell them you will meet in a public place. Make it mandatory in a purchase or sale agreement.
  • Never go to a city area where you are not comfortable. Police say business districts will be located in a business district in the city center, such as the Covelli Center. These areas are more than likely on the camera and are areas of heavy traffic. It is also an area with a large police presence. Be visible from the road and never go after a business or building.
  • Keep up to date with your surroundings anytime. Know where you are. Know where you can go if you need help. Know your direction of travel (how you got there and how you get home). Know the exact address of the place you have chosen to buy or sell. Use your phone or GPS to get a location address and find out about the area before moving to a specific location.

When making an appointment on Youngstown Craigslist, get as much information as possible about the buyer or seller. Make sure your mobile phone is always ready to dial 9-1-1 in case of a problem.

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