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Scholastic Book Fair as it used to be. The best part of school

Alexander Alexeenko - 13.03.20

Only one week is able to change your life upside down. Only one week Scholastic Book Fair lasts, but it brings you memories, which are difficult to compare with anything in terms of emotional richness. The fair has a history of 30 years, but the number of people involved in reading is measured in hundreds of thousands. We live in the digital age, when the gadget in the hands of a child is more familiar with the look than a book. It is difficult to overestimate the influence of the fair for involving the child in the reading process.

Sсholastiс resembles a huge bookstore: it has an unforgettable aroma of fresh books, with loud laugh and constant movement around the cases, full of various books. The choice of books is not accidental - they are close and understandable to children, they recognize familiar characters and heroes and glad to meet them. Each copy is hand-selected by Scholastic experts from variety of authors: newly released books stand on the same shelf next to best sellers and award-winning titles and perennial favorites. Scholastic performs not book itself, but also planning tools and display cases for the different events, which are run by volunteer parents, teachers, and school librarians.


1.Scholastic Book Fair as a global business

Fairs are a global business, with operations in all 50 states of USA. It takes place in U.K. Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Southeast Asian countries, Such as The Philippines, and Thailand.

Experts say that out of 100 million books sold, 35 million books were purchased by children. Families with children attended 120,000 fairs in pre-school, primary and secondary schools around the world. Educational institutions that provide their venues for the fair are estimated to have received $ 200 million. The Book Fair provide students, their parents and teachers access to uncountable amount of reasonably priced books and educational products.

"With every Book Fair, we are connecting kids to books they want to read, that's so important, because the more kids read, the better readers they become, and the more successful theyʼll be in school, in work, and in life," — says Alan Boyko, president of Scholastic Book Fairs.

2.Scholastic Book Fair mission

The activities of employees are subordinate to the mission of the company — to help each child become a passionate avid reader. Employees are not only expert experts, they are drivers, warehouse employees, sales representatives, coordinators and branch managers. The smiles and joy of children, owners of new books, incredibly motivate all participants.

3. Educational excursion into the history of book fairs in the USA

At the beginning of the 80s of the last century a school fairs market was formed. It was dominated by high competition, but at the same time it remained very closed to penetrate it as noted by newspapers and the press of that time, describing the situation. Fairs were held throughout America, their number was in the thousands: they were held in large cities and provincial towns. Fairs were held by many organizers, including national corporations, local entrepreneurs, regional organizers and the community of bookstores.


In the first half of the 90s, a clear leader emerged in the market — Scholastic Corporation. The company was founded in 1920. Initially, it was engaged in publishing, printed books and magazines for a wide range of young audiences. Eventually, Scholastic Corp. managed to absorb several small competitors and took a leading position in the market. The company holds the title of the largest player in the market of book fairs for kids, teens and their parents.
It will not be a mistake to say that if you are a young man who spent your youth studying in an American school, then school book fairs are a pleasant memory for you. The title of this article took you far into the past and you again found yourself in this magical atmosphere, choosing of which book is enough money and feeling sad that you will have to refuse this book.


The smell of all-printed book pages and the sound of the deflection of the cover motivates reading again and more. Before gadgets firmly entered our lives, weeks passed in waiting of miracle. The anticipation of the Scholastic Book Fair was comparable to the anticipation of a significant big holiday. On the appointed day, the doors swung open and magic began! A familiar school space was transformed as if by a magic wand: a sports hall, a corridor, a library, daily spaces turned into bookstores. Bright book covers, stationery attracted each student, and parents considered the amount of the purchase. Children were free to walk across the fair, they could choose and take books from the shelves and sniff their unforgettable smell, and having a few dollar buy them. The fair taught independence and self-motivated choice.

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