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A mother of two children stopped eating fast food and lost 154 pounds

Alexander Alexeenko - 15.10.19

As early as 9 years old, Angela Gerzanics from Michigan was diagnosed with overweight. But the food helped her improve her mood. Her childhood was difficult, and when she ate, she felt good and comfortable. The food for little Angela was almost happiness, she never let her down and gave only pleasant minutes.

“I have lived my whole life being painfully obese and dependent on the good sensations I received from food.” So my weight got out of hand. - the woman admits.

But at the same time, it was hard and embarrassing for her to be in her body, which limited her movements and did not let frolic with other children.

“I gave up and simply reconciled to the fact that this was exactly what my life should have been,” says Angela.

Angela Gerzanics from Michigan was diagnosed with overweight

And even when she became an adult, she did not stop eating fast food. Every day after work, she visited McDonald’s, ate her favorite food, drank sweet drinks, and only then went home to have dinner with her family.

So the 35-year-old woman lived most of her life with obesity, pretending to be happy and contented. But, when her weight reached 308 pounds, Angela realized that she had turned into a mother’s shell, stopped participating in the lives of children, and at some point, could leave her sons orphans. She was afraid that her unhealthy lifestyle would lead to the saddest outcome and for the sake of fifteen-year-old Anthony and seven-year-old Justin decided to rectify the situation.

“It's time to make radical changes and take control of your health.” “I have two children who really need me, but as a real mother, not her shell,” says Angela.

She turned to doctors for help, and in 2016 she was given a gastric band, which helped the woman lose 154 extra pounds. And last year, doctors removed excess skin, and the size of her clothes decreased from 30 to 10.

Since then, her life has changed and become really happy

Since then, her life has changed and become really happy. The fact that she did not believe before became possible - now Angela often runs with her boys in the park. She used to be a housewife, now a slender young woman got a job. The family of Angela goes to the food store and everyone chooses only fresh and healthy products.

- Now I try to eat only whole foods and limit the amount of processed food. My figure will never be perfect, but now I do not need to calm my feelings with food. I hardly drink sugary drinks, only black coffee. I try to drink at least two liters of water per day, whereas before I drank so much water in just a week, ”says Angela.

She can even buy herself clothes in the department for teenagers and can have fun in amusement parks. All this gives her positive and energy, which she gladly spends on her family.

Angela admits that she finally fell in love with her body and her shortcomings, calmed down and became herself. She became happy.

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