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Mattel performs the first Olympic Games doll collection

Alexander Alexeenko - 05.03.20

Mattel is once again striving to continue to combat gender stereotypes. Barbie doll claims to be the most diverse fashion doll in the world. A variety of images helps create new ways to help children, motivate them and challenges gender stereotypes. The company introduces the new role models. On the eve of International Women's Day company presented dolls — European professional female athletes as official role models to celebrate International Women's Day and continue efforts to close the Dream Gap. The World Health Organization (WHO) has determined that as one but important way of involving more girls in sports is for schools and a wider range of stakeholders to develop sports and physical activity that are “sensitive to the needs and interests of girls”.


Role-playing models are vitally important for the girl's formation and development so that they can see themselves as successful women and continue to inspire and remind them that they can become part of this world. The range of dolls includes five athletes who are engaged in Olympic sports (baseball, climbing, karate, skateboarding and surfing). Their goal is to inspire the younger generation of fans around the world to play sports.

This line up performs: the fastest British female runner Dina Asher-Smith (UK), Amandine Henry (France) National French Football Captain, Teenage Para Swimmer, Sümeyye Boyacı (Turkey) and World Champion Sabre Fencer Olga Kharlan (Ukraine).

Mattel has an extensive history of launching various versions of Barbie; however, in recent years, the main focus has been on breaking down the stereotypes that hold back girls in sports and science. In addition to Barbie, Mattel has released sex-neutral dolls that can be played by children of both sexes. Playing together, children expand the possibilities of effective communication.


Speaking with Forbes, Richard Dixon describes the possibility of rethinking as Barbie survived thirteen years of declining sales until 2014. She was considered untouchable, a kind of a source of inspiration for parents or their daughters. Despite the strong emotional attachment to the doll, Dixon saw in this call an opportunity to transfer the conversation from the monologue about the product to a dialogue with consumers.

In his role, Dixon combines three critical elements: executive responsibility for global category management teams, the role he created, and responsibility for fostering growth across Mattel's toy categories, as well as the leadership of the design and development team that serves as the engine for Mattel's design-based innovation and leads franchise management team, which leads the expansion of the company's brands in the content development and distribution, consumer products, digital games, live broadcasts and other strategic partnerships.

By placing design at the center of its work, Mattel has become a design-driven company that values human-centered thinking. The introduction of design-oriented approach in the core requires various incentives from different sources. The launch of the Dream Gap campaign has created a progressive way to change the world, inspiring girls to change the world. By launching the next wave of dolls, creatable World challenges gender stereotypes; however, in order to continue to move in this direction, teams need to feel even more comfortable with risk.

Growing a risky culture means celebrating failure, not to the detriment of productivity, but in the event of a quick failure. Creating opportunities to move forward is where sensitive leadership becomes critical for teams. Entering unexplored territory for a global brand requires a healthy dose of entrepreneurial leadership, a balance of ideas and ideas and tolerance for failure.


Creativity requires that people feel comfortable sharing lateral thinking and suggestions that can create breakthrough products.

Earlier, new toys were added to the new line of Barbie dolls, which depict girls with prostheses, skin diseases (e. g.vitiligo) and alopecia. The company focused on the importance of a doll without hair. If for some reason the girl lost her own hair, she will be able to see her reflection in the new line of toys.
Mattel developed the first Olympic toy collection as a part of agreement with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The collection includes unique toys Barbie, Hot Wheels and UNO, reflecting new sports at the Tokyo Olympics, based on IOC website. Rumors are circulating that consumers would like to see Melania Trump and the Elon mask as role models.

In addition, a limited UNO deck has been released, adorned with the mascot of the Olympic Games and the special mini-collection Hot Wheels for Tokyo 2020. Cars reveal the history of sports dating back to the first games in Athens, to new sports that will debut this year in Tokyo.

In Malibu, CA there is a new touristic attraction: Barbie's full-size house.

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