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Taylor Swift is a man, but this is not a coming out: her new video breaks the gender stereotypes

Alexander Alexeenko - 28.02.20

Singer Taylor Swift released a video for the single “The Man”, which ridiculed the behavior of young people who allegedly believe that the whole world belongs only to them. The director of the video was the pop diva herself, but this is not the main surprise that she presented to the audience. After all, for the sake of the video, she had to try on the role of a guy.


Taylor Swift on February 27 published on her YouTube channel a new video for the song “The Man”. The protagonist of the video was a guy named Tyler Swift — her male alter ego.

According to the plot, the young man loves to throw tantrums at work, throw his legs in the subway, interfering with others, and pretend that this world belongs to him alone. By the way, a world-famous actor voiced by a young man - Dwayne Scala Johnson. Tyler, according to the plot, achieved success in life. Due to the fact that he has a lot of money, the girls seek his attention and try to indulge all his whims. In addition, Tyler, despite his coolness, really does not like to lose. For example, losing the game of tennis, he threw a tantrum.


Swift is transformed into the "alpha type" and "boss" and after 58 years, aged Tyler finds himself a young wife who agreed to marriage only for the money.
Taylor in her female image appears only in the final scene of the video and addresses the main character with a phrase that she herself has repeatedly heard from many directors.

"Could you try to be sexier? Maybe more likable this time?"

And then the audience will know the main turn of the video — the role of Tyler was played by Swift. Make-up artists did their job so well that even the fans did not immediately guess who was hiding behind the image of a successful guy.

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