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I want to believe: UFO detected by NASA cameras

Alexander Alexeenko - 25.02.20

An unidentified flying object came very close to the International Space Station and was captured on video. An unknown object came into the field of view of NASA cameras, which flew up close to the International Space Station, then UFO accompanied it for some time and left. UFO was noticed by ufologist Scott Waring, who posted a video on his YouTube channel, as British media write.


It can be seen that the difficultly recognizable silhouette of an unknown object moves smoothly on a comparable speed to the ISS. At the end of the video, an unknown object rises and disappears from the camera view.

There is currently no explanation for what is happening. As for Scott, he suggested that a UFO might be a military elaboration of any country, but in this case the broadcast would be immediately interrupted. The mysterious UFO can be, based on Scott, for example, just a “anomalous asteroid”.

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