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"Sopranos" actress still in focus in #MeToo case: Weinstein rape trial jurors

Alexander Alexeenko - 21.02.20

A name that continues to sound more than any other in Harvey Weinstein's rape trial — Annabella Sciorra — was in the focus of attention again on Friday when the jurors began their fourth day of deliberations.

The Manhattan jury sent the judge a note saying that they want to review the cross-examination of “The Sopranos” actress and any subsequent interrogations by prosecutors.


The jury has already focused on the emails, which Weinstein sent regarding Sciorra, including to a private Israeli spy agency that he allegedly recruited to dig up dirt on potential accusers, as journalists worked on stories of charges against him in 2017.

The actress, who is now 59 years old, became the first accuser to testify, and almost a month ago acted as a witness, telling the jury how the once powerful movie tycoon unexpectedly showed up at the door of her apartment in Manhattan before raping and forcibly committing oral sex on her at the end of 1993.

At the cross-examination, Sciorra was asked why she opened her door and did not find a way to escape if she was attacked.

Weinstein’s lawyer Donna Rotunno asked: “Why didn’t you try to escape from the apartment? Did you scratch him? Try to poke it in the eyes?"


Prosecutors said that in those days, Sciorra weighed only about 110 pounds, which did not allow her to compete with the 300-pound Weinstein.

“He was too big to fight back,” she told to the jury. "He was intimidating."

Weinstein, 67, has been indicted on five counts for accusing Sciorra and two other women, a novice actress who says he raped her in March 2013, and former film and television production assistant Mimi Haley, who says she was forced to have oral sex on her in March 2006.

Sciorra's allegations are key to the most serious allegations that the jury weighed in the closely monitored #MeToo case are two cases of predatory sexual assault that carry the maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

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