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Another child joined the mournful list called "forgotten babies syndrome"

Alexander Alexeenko - 17.10.19

A one-year-old girl died in Florida in a closed car. This is the fifth case in Florida this year, and the fiftieth nationwide.

In the morning he parents left the child in a car parked near their home in Tampa. That day the temperature reached 90 degrees. When the couple remembered about the baby girl, she was already unconscious.

A call from the child's parents came in to 911when it was evening. According to the Tampa police Department, the baby was taken to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

An investigation is underway into the tragic case, but the police at first did not find deliberate actions on the part of the girl's parents.

"The father drove the other children to school and forgot about the baby in the back seat and went into the house," police said.


Last year, there was a record number of cases of forgotten children in the history of the United States. A total of 54 children died across the country, according to data compiled, a national nonprofit organization for child safety. This year seems set to set a new record. calls on Congress to pass the "hot cars" act and provide for rear-seat alarm technology so that the presence of a child can be detected.

Parents who have forgotten their children in hot cars do not feel condemn, on the contrary, experts are trying to understand the causes of this common phenomenon, and assigned him a special term-the syndrome of forgotten babies.

A few years ago, Gene Weingarten wrote an article titled " A fatal distraction. Forgetting a child in the back of a the car is a terrible mistake. But is it a crime?"And won a Pulitzer Prize for it.

He argued that leaving a child in the car is easy if, for example, parents are very busy, distracted or upset. And no one is immune from such trouble.

"If you are able to forget your mobile phone, then you are potentially able to forget your child," concludes the researcher of the problem.

To help Americans who carry young children in their cars, a special memo has been developed. In it, in particular, parents are advised to regularly check the back seat of the car before getting out of it and leaving their child in mortal solitude.

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