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Thief steals the Burning Giraffe from the San Francisco Gallery in 32 seconds

Alexander Alexeenko - 17.10.19

The gallery staff were shocked - everything happened so quickly that no one had time to do anything. A video in which an unknown man in a blue T-shirt and a baseball cap enters the Dennis Rey Gallery of Fine Arts and, after half a minute, exits with the engraving "Flaming Giraffe" shot by a camera from a neighboring building. However, the very moment of the theft didn’t get on the video, because the surveillance cameras in the gallery itself for some reason did not work.

stolen engraving

In addition, there was no cable and lock with which the image was to be attached to an easel.

According to Angela Kellett, director of the gallery, the criminal most likely distracted the employee who was in the hall and cut the cable and blocked it earlier.

San Francisco police, who launched an investigation into the mysterious incident, suggest that the kidnapper was not alone, but with an accomplice who stood at the entrance to the gallery.

The gallery staff, upset by the thefts, calmed down somewhat that the thief could not quickly sell the famous engraving. This is not just a 20 by 26 inch picture that can be posted on eBay, its price can exceed 20 thousand dollars.

Art connoisseurs understand that this is not the painting of the same name by Salvador Dali, painted in oil in the 1930s. The stolen engraving is based on her images. Dali made several copies of the engraving "Giraffe on Fire" in 1966-1967. All of them are numbered, and it is impossible to sell them on the open market. According to the director of the gallery, this engraving and a specific instance are well known to connoisseurs.

In addition, engraving is required. And, as experts explain, all the nuances will be made public, including for collectors: signature, inventory number of the painting. This means that specialists and potential buyers will be able to determine that the picture was stolen.

It remains a mystery who committed this impudent crime and what the thief will do with the stolen exhibit.

A total of 30 works by Salvador Dali were exhibited in a California gallery. But, according to Angela Kellett, the colorful engraving "Flaming Giraffe" has become one of the central expositions of a special exhibition dedicated to the famous Spanish surrealist.

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