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High-rise death: Amber Hilberling says she shoved husband in self-defense

Alexander Alexeenko - 19.05.20 (updated 24.05.20)

Amber Hilberling told a nationwide television audience that she still cannot understand what happened the day her husband fell to death from a couple's high-rise apartment in the University Club Tower.


1. Amber Hilberling accusation

Hilberling was convicted on March 18 of a second-degree murder in connection with the death of 23-year-old Joshua Hilberling in June 2011. A quarter-century prison was her sentence, which means 25 years. The Tulsa case has long been the subject of close attention of local media.

Dateline NBC spent about an hour telling the story using interviews with Amber Hilberling, her family, his family, lawyers, police investigators, and even a window expert who spoke about the strength of glass in a distinctive residential complex. in 1722 ave. S. Carson. The report also used footage from Amber Hilberling's tearful conversation with her grandmother in the police interrogation room, which was key evidence in her trial.

During the program, Amber Hilberling said that she “remembers very little” what is on this record, during which she said “I killed him” and admitted that she pushed her husband, who fell sharply from a window on the 25th floor of an apartment building to the top a garage of 17 floors below.

2. Amber Hilberling truth opened on TV

During an interview, she said that Joshua Hilberling held out his hand and grabbed her by the shoulders.

“I remember how he fell back,” said Amber Hilberling.

The show continued to return to the question of how Hilberling, who was then in his seventh month of pregnancy, what strength needed to be exceeded in order to surpass in strength and push Joshua, who was more athletic and hardy. Jeff Felton, an investigator for the Tulsa County Prosecutor’s Office, said in the series that he believed Joshua Hilberling was doing something with the TV when his wife pushed him.

“I think she pushed him on purpose. Absolutely,” said Felton.

When asked to explain how a neighbor said she heard the sound of running, accompanied by a loud roar, Amber Hilberling said that perhaps what this man heard was the sound of her husband “stumbling back”.

Woman said that she had “all the hope in the world” when her case was in the hands of the jury and indicated that she was surprised that they recommended a 25-year prison sentence, which was subsequently officially appointed by the Tulsa County Judge Kurt Glassco.

Tulsa District Attorney Assistant Michelle Keeley said during a Friday report that the 25-year term corresponded to the gender on which the couple lived in the tower of the University Club. However, Hilberling said she did not regret refusing to plead guilty, which would put her in jail for only five years. She said she rejected the plea bargain because the person who is not guilty "is about to take any risk that is necessary to prove it."

Amber Hilberling said she was a “good wife,” and denies that she was a cruel person. She said she had never fought in her life.

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