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The undisclosed disappearance of a mystery person above Evergreen State

Alexander Alexeenko - 03.05.20

Today we will talk about one of the most mystery person in history. And, most importantly, this is not some kind of semi-mythical character of antiquity, but a person who can still be alive. In fact, neither his real name, nor his biography, nor his further fate are known, and his appearance is captured only from the words of other people.

Dan Cooper owes his fame to being able to commit the perfect crime without leaving any evidence or any other information about himself. Cooper's search was carried out for more than 40 years to no avail.


1. Incident with the mystery person

November 24, 1971, on the eve of Thanksgiving in the United States, a man named Dan Cooper (this is his fake name) boarded the Boeing 727-51 airliner, which was flying from Portland to Rino Tahoe.

8 minutes after take-off, Dan went to the stewardess Florence Schaffner and handed her a note. Thinking that the man was giving her his phone number, Florence put the note in her pocket without even looking into it, after which mystery person urged the girl to familiarize herself with the contents of the message. Unfolding the paper, the woman was shocked: “I have a bomb in my briefcase. I use it if I consider it necessary. I want you to sit next to me, ”the note read.

2. Mystery person’s claims

In addition, the note contained requirements: $ 200,000 in 20-dollar bills and 2 sets of parachutes. Dan also showed the contents of his portfolio to the stewardess. Now it is not known for certain whether the explosive device was real, but what Florence saw convinced her.

Mystery person’s demands were transferred to the ground and authorities decided to cooperate with him. 3 hours after takeoff, the plane landed in Seattle. After a couple of minutes, a man with money and four parachutes boarded. After checking the contents of the case and parachutes, Cooper immediately released all the passengers and most of the crew. In addition to Dan, only pilots and one of the flight attendants remained on board.

After refueling, the plane took off. Cooper asked the rest of the flight attendant to go into the cockpit to the pilots and stay there. Half an hour after takeoff, the board flew into the thunderstorm zone, and the fighters accompanying it lost the liner from sight. At the same time, the pilots noticed an indicator signaling that Cooper had opened the liner's door.

Another half hour passed when the crew members decided to leave the cockpit and saw that there was no Dan or money on board. Mystery person also took 2 out of 4 parachutes with him. And now the most interesting: the FBI managed to take several prints, presumably belonging to Cooper, but checking the database did not give any result.

With the help of the passengers of the liner and stewardesses, a photobot of mystery person was compiled, but he did not give results. Despite the fact that there were people who claimed to be familiar with Cooper, this information could not be confirmed. In total, there were only a few official suspects and dozens of people who claimed that they were Dan Cooper, the mystery person, but none of the versions were also confirmed.

In 1980, a bundle of notes was found in the area of mystery person’s alleged landing. When checking the serial numbers, it was found that this is the same money that was issued to Cooper. This convinced many that he was dead, but no body, no parachutes, no briefcase, no case with the remaining money was found. The case was officially suspended in 2016 due to a lack of evidence.

After the events described above, airlines began to pay more attention to safety. Now, when buying tickets, it was necessary to present an identity card, and the doors of the aircraft were equipped with a special device that impeded their opening during the flight. This device is called the “Cooper blade”.

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