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Julia Vickerman fired from Twelve Forever

Alexander Alexeenko - 30.04.20

A few weeks ago, blog posts and subreddits started circulating on the Tumblr page of Julia Wickerman, creator of the original Netflix animated series “Twelve Forever”. The 2010 post contained sexual expressions described in detail after the 14-year-old boy at the carnival, and was tagged “terrible” and “pedophile”.

1. Julia Vickerman’s expression

On September 29, Vickerman posted on her Twitter account an apology for “a bunch of jokes ten years ago” that “don't get very old.” Recently, predatory behavior in the animation industry has been the subject of attention: charges have been brought against John Crickfalusi, creator of The Ren & Stimpy Show, and Chris Savino, creator of The Loud House. But advertising around Julia Wickerman's post on Tumblr is starting to refute the double standards that people have regarding female sexual predators.


We have heard many stories about how adults look after adolescents, and how disgusting it really is, but the reaction to how a man looks after a minor girl, and vice versa, is completely different. When a man cares for a minor girl, everyone should demonize him and make sure that his career is in ruins. However, when a woman cares for a minor boy, people wave him aside — and in some cases claim that the survivor is “lucky" that an elderly woman took his virginity.

2. Julia Vickerman a former writer and storyboard

Predation in the animation industry is a constant problem. The growth of the #MeToo movement helped uncover predatory behavior in Hollywood. Now the movement has made its way into the animation industry, and more and more people feel more comfortable sharing their stories of survivors.

In the case of Julia Wickerman, many of the moments in The Twelve Forever and other shows she has worked on in the past seem even more creepy in retrospect. For example, the main villain of the series is called “The Witch of the Witch” and has a voluptuous seductive body. Julia Wickerman also worked on a reboot of The PowerPuff Girls in 2016 and wrote some of the series's most controversial episodes, including Painbow, which featured a twerking scene of Blossom and Bubbles (canonically 6 years in reboot) with another character, Allegro Panda.

Julia Vickerman is a writer, director and artist working in film and television. She has worked on shows such as YO GABBA GABBA, THE POWERPUFF GIRLS and CLARENCE. She is the creator and executive producer, managing director of the Netflix Twelve forever series.

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