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50 shades of pleasure Greggs cakes

Alexander Alexeenko - 21.04.20

Greggs cakes has a secret menu with 23 delicious goodies, but you can get them only in some areas of the country. This is because although you can buy sausage roll at any branch of a fast food restaurant chain, some snacks are only available in certain regions. This is because they are usually made there, and buyers still want to put their gloves on.

These include Welsh cakes, which are unsurprisingly available only in Wales, and donuts, Devon, which are somewhat surprisingly available only in Scotland, and not in Devon.

1. Greggs cakes: variety local delights

A representative of Greggs cakes said that historically their regional bakeries were responsible for the production of their own products, which led to some local Greggs delicacies. Some of them were so popular that we still sell them as our business grows. They gathered information about what baking fans found and where you can get them.

2. Greggs cakes special: Tottenham Cake — Southeast


Tottenham cake is available only in the southeast of the country. Only those who live in the Southeast are lucky that they were able to pick up a Tottenham cake in Greggs. This is a light biscuit cake with raspberry and coconut icing on top. He is reportedly called the Tottenham Pie because it was first created in Tottenham in north London by the Quaker in the 1800s as a cheap treat for local children. Then it was believed that pink glaze was made from mulberry grown in a Quaker burial ground. One fan in Bristol could not believe that there were no cakes in the Southwest, and tweeted: “It's not fair.”

3. Greggs cakes Stottis — Northeast


One Twitter user took a picture of his kitten, stuffed with ham and pea pudding and made others to envy him. Stotties are a type of large, springy bun that is traditionally stuffed with ham and pea pudding, available only in the northeast of England. Fans suggest that you can usually get one in Newcastle and its environs. Back in 2013, Greggs cakes tested Stotty in several stores in the south and asked his followers on Twitter whether the baked goods should go south forever - but they did not seem to succeed.

4. Empire Cookies - Northeast and Scotland


You can only get empire cookies in Scotland and the northeast. Imperial cookies - two layers of cookies, jammed with jam and coated with icing and cherry on top. But you have to head north to try them, as they are only found in stores in the northeast and in Scotland. A Scottish fan of Greggs cakes tweeted: “I just found out that cookies in the empire are the only thing in Scotland. The guy in Greggs had never heard of them. I'm moving home”.

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