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Bald guy meme: YouTuber practiced wit and got million likes

Alexander Alexeenko - 18.04.20

YouTuber practiced wit under the clip of Billie Eilish, leaving a stupid comment. And bald guy meme brought him million likes. The musician left a witty comment under the clip and set a new record on YouTube, because his replay became the first owner of a million likes in the history of video hosting. Users congratulate the lucky one, and in response he decided to troll himself.


1. Bald guy meme: You Tube version

YouTuber Seth Everman broke the YouTube video hosting record, leaving a comment on one of the most popular clips of American singer Billie Eilish Bad Guy, writes The Daily Dot. In May 2019, the guy was the first to comment on the Bad Guy video, which later became very viral on the Internet, becoming an inspiration for many funny skits. Seth decided to stand out and left a short comment, creating bald guy meme.

I’m a bald guy (I’m the bald guy, because the phrase bald guy is consonant with the name of the song Billy Eilish Bad Guy). The guy wrote a joke and forgot about it, but in October of the same year he had to think about the comment again, because now he can celebrate a new world record.

2. Bald guy meme: criminal approach

There is a meme that is currently undergoing revitalization on several platforms, called the bald nonce meme. You may have seen TikToks with the sound “I'm going to lose my job” or viral reactions, where you will see the bald man being shot in portrait mode, saying: “Thanks for that, you ruined my vacation.” It's one. However, not many people know the whole story behind the meme, and this does show a rather disturbing interaction, not least because it relates to serious allegations of pedophilia.

Filmed on April 12, 2019 and originally shown live on Facebook by Cobra UK’s pedophile hunter group (Kids Online Fight Real Violence), this video shows a man who several people tried to meet with a 14-year-old girl. They accuse him of talking with at least 10 separate accounts of children (aged 11), asking a particular child to take a bath with him.

He reluctantly accepts all claims made against him, obviously very scared and making every effort to get out of the situation. He asks to be given a little space, and he even snuggles up against the fence by the chest at some point after the explosion. When he is told that he is not allowed to make contact with his mother, he claims that he is likely to lose his job and eventually commit suicide.

The video did not get wide distribution until September, when there were several repeated uploads to YouTube, and people began to break it into separate memes and reactionary gifs. A video was posted on Twitter showing that he had been seen in the toilets of the pub after the main video was released, but this seems to be the only time he was filmed.

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