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Coronavirus in Australia at a glance

Alexander Alexeenko - 31.03.20

Due to its geographical position, Australia is still relatively easy to survive the coronavirus pandemic. First, Australians live on a huge island with a very low population density. In the three largest cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane), half of the entire nation is concentrated. Secondly, in the southern hemisphere in January-February, summer is in full swing, and hot weather and the sun seem to impede the spread of COVID-19. But still, in the context of globalization, a country open to the world could not protect itself from the common misfortune.

The first cases of coronavirus in Australia were recorded on January 25; by March 26, more than 2,800 Australians had been infected by coronavirus. Died 13. Among others there is Tom Hanks and his wife — they fell ill - he was just filming in there. The couple became novel coronavirus infected in Australia, where Hanks starred in the movie "Elvis", and Wilson accompanied him. They were treated in a hospital and then quarantined, they becoming the first celebrities to report coronavirus infection. Now they are backing home in Los Angeles.

1.Coronavirus spreads over Australia

The government has applied a standard set of consistent measures. On February 1, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the country was closed to all foreigners arriving from mainland China. Further, guests from Iran, South Korea and Italy were “banned”. By mid-March, the national “crisis cabinet”, which had convened for the first time since World War II, announced the ban on mass events with more than 500 participants. Nevertheless, schools, universities, restaurants, and the cinema continued to function until the end of last week. And only when the number of coronavirus cases in Australia exceeded one thousand, tougher isolation measures came into play.


2. Coronavirus in Australia effects on football

The suspension of football competitions, including the A-League, the authorities announced only a few days ago. This decision became inevitable after the Australian states, each individually, closed the borders for travelers from other states.

“A difficult mission has become an impossible mission,” the head of the Australian Football Federation, James Johnson, joked sadly. journalist Josh Thomas criticized the belated decision:

"Australia, you can say, buried its head in the sand of its magnificent beaches and hoped that the epidemic would bypass it."

Formally, the football season in Australia is stopped for a month. On April 22, the Federation will return to the question and decide whether the current epidemiological coronavirus situation allows at least matches to be played without spectators. In the main part of the championship, it remains to conduct three more rounds (plus a group of transferred games), after which the six best teams will reach the final stage. In this case, 1st and 2nd place give a pass immediately to the semifinals. It’s immediately clear that Sydney FC, who heads the table by a wide margin, will not miss his.


3.Quarantine and self-isolation measures

All arriving in Australia will be undergoing two-week quarantine under the protection of military personnel, said Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who announced the strengthening of measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. To ensure compliance with quarantine measures, units of the Australian Defense Forces (ADF), the country's armed forces, will be deployed in cities, the prime minister said.

In Australia, the first signs of a slowdown in the number of infected were recorded. This was announced during a briefing in Canberra by the Minister of Health Greg Hunt on Sunday, March 29. According to him, over the past week in the country there was a growth rate of the number of infected about 25-30%, but over the past day fell to 13-15%. Hunt added that this is an early positive sign, although the authorities still have a lot of work to do to isolate people and maintain social distance, The Canberra Times writes.


In addition, the minister noted that as a result of strict federal measures taken by the federal government, the movement in large cities has decreased by 80% over the past two weeks, and about 75% of schoolchildren have stopped attending classes.

In Australia, almost 4 thousand cases of infection with a new coronavirus were detected, 14 people died. Over the past day, more than 300 new patients with the disease caused by the virus have been registered. All catering establishments, entertainment centers, nightclubs, cinemas and sports halls were closed in the country, and citizens were urged to leave their homes as little as possible.

An outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 virus COVID-19 occurred in Wuhan, China, in late December. Outside of China, the disease was diagnosed in patients in more than 190 countries. On March 11, WHO announced a coronavirus pandemic.

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