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Wuhan novel coronavirus: number of infected cases

Alexander Alexeenko - 27.03.20

A fierce fight against coronavirus, whose main tool was unprecedented isolation measures, allowed China to be the first in the world to say goodbye to an epidemic on its territory. Now Celestial China is already reviving its economy, and the world bound by the disease accuses it of hiding information: if China were more honest, there could be no pandemic.

Things were completely different in January: the coronavirus, escaping from the city of Wuhan in the province of Hubei, affected more than 81,340 inhabitants of the Celestial Empire and claimed 3,292 lives. At the height of the epidemic, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared a “people's war”: thousands doctors were sent to Wuhan, tens of millions of people across the country were isolated, production stopped, roads and airports were empty, and police and drones patrolled the streets.


The shrimp saleswoman was the number one person to be associated with the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan who opened the number confirmed infected coronavirus, but it is still unknown where and how she got infected and whether she was a “patient zero” says one of the leading media in China, Pengpai.

The debate about whether the seafood market was the source of the spread of the novel coronavirus got there from another place ongoing still. Specialists have not yet been able to identify the “patient zero” or to establish how, when, and under what circumstances the virus could be transmitted from an animal carrier to a human. Read here about transmission mode of coronavirus, leading to coronavirus huge number of cases.

1. Wuhan coronavirus: number of confirmed cases

According to newspaper sources, a woman by the name of Wei, who was engaged in live shrimp trading at the Huanan Market, December 11, 2019, for an unknown reason, had a fever. Subsequently, it turned out that it was she who became the first number confirmed coronavirus case infection in the Huanan market, Wuhan, the newspaper writes.

The Wuhan Health Committee on December 31 reported that there were 27 people in the first group of people with symptoms (at that time it was not known what exactly caused the rapid development of pneumonia in patients). Then it was emphasized that there were no obvious signs of transmission of the disease from person to person (transmission from person to person was confirmed later, in January, 2020). Employees of the newspaper managed to get a copy of the list of the first group with coronavirus, from which it follows that 24 people had a history of contacts with the Huanan market, while four of them were members of the same family.

2. Coronavirus spreads and increases number of cases

Wei was the first case finding symptoms in her list. The woman rented a house not far, from her apartment to work was no more than 500 meters. When her temperature rose, the woman went to the clinic in her house.

The woman said that she was doing business and therefore could not afford to lie down at home. She said that usually, when she felt unwell, she went to the hospital, there she was given an injection, and the next day her state of health improved significantly. But this time, even two injections did not help, and Wei went to another hospital, where they also could not help her - then she decided to lie down at home and drink the medicine. On December 16, a woman turned to Wuhan Union Hospital at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology.


As the newspaper’s reporters managed to establish, 11 people from the first group of infected after the onset of symptoms turned to small clinics located in old residential buildings. On February 23, the newspaper’s staff visited the market and found that all the small clinics where the first infected people were contacted, closed.

After examining the list, the reporters managed to establish the first infected person who had no contact with the Huanan, was a man named Chen, whose temperature rose on December, 16, and went to the hospital in Jiangxia, a suburb of Wuhan. The man told doctors that he was engaged in finances in one of the companies and had no contact with a live bird or Huanan, from which he lives at a distance of more than 30 kilometers. The man could not understand where he got infected. However, his family did not defend themselves before he was diagnosed, but none of them fell ill. The one who accompanied him to the hospital was not infected.

Chen also told reporters that for the preceding illness, the crescent moon went only to work and did not visit any other places. He suggested that he might get infected in the subway, on the way to work or after he went to the hospital. Learn about difference between coronavirus and flu.

As of March, 27, The United States overtook China in the number of coronavirus cases (82,040 cases in the United States and 81,782 in China, according to Worldometers data on Thursday evening). The number of cases in the United States is growing rapidly. According to US President Donald Trump, the country came out on top in cases of coronavirus infection due to mass testing of people.

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