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The truth about coronavirus in Q&A

Alexander Alexeenko - 26.03.20

The number of coronavirus infected around the world is about 479,915, as of March, 26. Covid-19 was detected more than in 180 countries. There are no special drugs against it, vaccines are in clinical trial. Some believe that everything will calm down by the summer, while others warn of the frightening consequences of the pandemic. But the truth is on March 26, the US Senate unanimously voted to approve a $ 2 trillion coronavirus pandemic package, based on The New York Times. According to The Wall Street Journal, 96 senators voted in favor, four more were absent.


Now the document will go to the House of Representatives, and then signed by President Donald Trump. The President promised to sign a stimulus package for the US economy right after he entered the White House. Earlier on March 25, Trump administration and the Senate agreed on measures to help the national economy, which became the largest in US history.

The funds will go to additional financing of the healthcare system, support for businesses and the states most affected by coronavirus, as well as direct payments to Americans. Let's figure it out and find out the truth, how dangerous a novel coronavirus infection is and how to protect yourself from it.

1. Coronavirus: truth! Quarantine is really effective


According to WHO, the coronavirus epidemic in China has reduced. By February 6, 25 new cases of coronavirus infection outside of China were recorded per day. A month later, this figure increased by almost a hundred times.

Unprecedented quarantine measures are the only real weapon against the coronavirus. It works very well. When the borders are closed, the virus transmission coefficient decreases, that’s truth. If at the same time everyone wears masks, and educational institutions go to quarantine, the pathogen simply does not have the opportunity to quickly spread. If we did the same with seasonal flu, there would be no epidemics.

2. Truth: coronavirus carrier is contagious

According to the calculations of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Covid-19 Working Group, to stop the disease, 70-90 percent of the patient's contacts should be tracked, that’s true. But even this strategy will work only if the carrier has less than one percent of new cases of transmission of the virus before the first symptoms of the disease appear.

On the one hand, the example of China, whose authorities stifled the growth of infected people by strict quarantine measures, confirms this theory. On the other hand, the same Chinese doctors say that asymptomatic transmission of coronavirus is possible. So, one of the residents of Wuhan, who came to visit relatives, infected them all. However, she did not show any signs of the disease, even when her family members had already turned to doctors for help. The incubation period for this patient was 24 days, which is almost twice the quarantine period in many countries.

3. The truth about coronavirus: incubation period

Most specialists nevertheless limit the incubation period of Covid-19 to two weeks (an average of six and a half days). The virus is transmitted primarily by airborne droplets. One sick person can infect in an unprotected population, apparently, no more than three people. Pregnant women in the later stages, having received the infection, may not be afraid that they pass it on to the unborn child. This was shown by Chinese doctors, observing women in labor who had a cesarean section.

So far, there is no accurate data on the proportion of direct contacts during SARS-CoV-2 transmission (accordingly, it is not known in what proportion infection occurs through objects). Therefore, epidemiological services, especially in countries most vulnerable to a new infection, give roughly the same general recommendations, albeit taking into account local nuances.

4. Truth about mask usage during coronavirus pandemic

From the first days of the emergence of a novel coronavirus was the question arose about the effectiveness of masks. The French Department of Social Affairs and Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend them as a means of prevention.


5. What is known truth about the novel coronavirus infection

There is no specific drug against coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The vaccine is undergoing clinical trials. Antibiotics and folk remedies will not protect against infection, but wearing masks and observing quarantine measures help limit the spread of the disease.

“As soon as it gets wet, it immediately becomes useless. Protective equipment should be worn in public transport, in rooms where many people work. But on the street there is no point. Firstly, the probability of catching the virus in the fresh air is minimal. Secondly, the mask makes breathing more difficult, and if people have problems with their heart or lungs, they will only get worse," scientists say.

Masks, sold in pharmacies, limit the penetration of the virus by approximately 20 percent, some of them, absorbs 95%, as N95. In addition, the dressing must be changed every two hours.

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