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Think of your financial journey as a road trip

Evgeniy Purtov - 18.10.19

Not many of us know how to handle money properly. Sometimes we spend too much, sometimes we choose the wrong credit card, and sometimes we spend money on stupid things.

"But there's one mistake you really can't afford – to do nothing," says Tiffany Alice, personal finance expert and founder of Budgetnista. "Think of your financial journey as a road trip. For example, if you start your journey from New Jersey to California after work, you will need to turn on the headlights. But those headlights won't shine all the way to California when you start." Instead of giving up and going home, we move forward. And guess what's going on? When you start driving, your headlights will show the next 100 feet and then the next 100 feet. Your path will be illuminated as you go along. "It's the same with your financial journey," says alisha. Maybe you don't knowIt's the same with your financial journey," says alisha. Maybe you don't know everything about how to manage your money and your finances today. "It's all right," she says. "You don't have to know everything," alisha says. Instead, just take that first step."

Use discounts

Money loves an account, and this is not just a catchphrase, but a guide to action. Unless you keep a record of your spending, you don't know where the money is going, and you can't intelligently reduce spending, even if it's necessary.

Saving every day for 2-3 dollars, at the end of the month you can buy headphones, which have long dreamed of, or make a gift to a loved one.

Use discounts - it is not only pleasant but also really profitable. There is no shame in buying products at discounted prices, going to the movies for half the cost and enjoy special offers of restaurants, cafes and delivery services.

A good habit will be to update the wardrobe out of season: in summer, winter shoes are usually cheaper, and in a few months will certainly come in handy.

Going to the store hungry and without a list of products has long been considered bad manners. You will collect as much food as you can not eat, and as a result you will waste money.

If you constantly forget the leaves with lists, keep records in the mobile application. So the list of goods will always be at hand, and the temptation to buy too much will diminish.

Do not make major acquisitions impulsively. Follow the rule of 24 hours: if after a day you are still ready to buy a thing or pay for a service, pay.

Use a Bank card with cashback. It turns out that you can be in the black, not reducing their costs, but even Vice versa. Today, almost all banks offer cashback debit cards.

Advertising on the Internet and on TV somehow affects our buying preferences. Approach consumption more consciously, choosing things based on quality, not hype. This will not overpay for the brand.

By continuing to work in a low-paid job that no longer allows you to live life to the fullest, you are depriving yourself of everyday joys. Gather will in fist and find for themselves new place, where you will value as practitioner, and gratitude for labor, which comes on map, will you be satisfied with.

And be sure to monitor their health. There will be no health and good mood — there will be nothing else. Do not be lazy to go to the gym, watch your sleep, take vitamins in time — do everything necessary to stay in good shape.

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