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Enrique Iglesias gave non-existent Russian name to daughter

Alexander Alexeenko - 08.03.20

Enrique Iglesias, the popular singer, gave his newborn daughter a nonexistent Russian name — Masha (not Maria). In Russia, Masha used as a shortcut of Maria. The daughter of Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias was born on January 30. This is the couple’s third child — at the end of 2017, the twins Nicholas and Lucy were born. Now sport-singer couple is already making plans for the future of their children. So, the musician dreams are his heirs go in for sports.


“I can honestly say: if I had to choose one sphere, then it would certainly be a sport. Just because I love sports - golf, tennis, and I do not mind that one of my little girls play tennis. I don't want to become one of these obsessed fathers, but I told Anna that she would definitely become the best coach in the world. We are constantly competing with her on the court. I think I can defeat her, but this is what I say all the time. She succumbs and allows me to win,” said Enrique.

At the same time, he is not going to put pressure on his son and daughters, because it is very important that they themselves choose the right path in life.
The singer talked about choosing a name for the third child.

“Anna chose the Russian name for our daughter, I really like it. With the help of Anna a native speaker, I learn Russian and can already communicate a little on it. At home, we speak a mix of three languages: Spanish, Russian and English. I hope that our children will be fluent in all three languages and will have the opportunity to join different cultures,” said the artist.


A tennis player insisted on the Russian name for the baby: Anna specially teaches her husband and children her native language, dreaming that in the future all her family could speak it fluently. Now Kournikova is on maternity leave and is watching the children, but Enrique is getting ready for the next tour. In September 2020, Iglesias will go on a tour with Ricky Martin. The artists came up with a joint music program and prepared some surprises for the audience. However, Enrique is already afraid that during long trips he will miss his family very much.

Now Iglesias and Kournikova live in Spain mainly. The singer’s wife has long completed a sports career, so she is engaged in parenting and some creative projects. Enrique himself in all interviews states that Anna is his ideal woman, because she manages not only to conduct family affairs, but also to remain an independent person with her interests.


During the interview for Kevin Frazier radio program, he talked about caring for a little daughter. According to the artist, there are assistants and nannies in their house, but Iglesias himself can cope with parental chores.

“I'm not sleeping (since she was born), but I'm having a great time! I mean, I would not trade it for anything in the world. I easily change diapers and can feed her. I thought I did not need any help. He even told his mother that we can handle it. But once I fell asleep while feeding. And then I realized that it was dangerous, and admitted that I still need help,” the musician emphasized.

According to Iglesias, the couple did not plan a third child: “After the birth of the twins, Anna and I decided that we should have more children, but we did not specifically plan the time when this would happen. Everything turned out by itself, but I'm absolutely happy. ”

44-year-old Iglesias and 38-year-old Kournikova began dating in 2001, having met on the video set for one of the artist’s songs. In 2001, 20-year-old Kournikova, who has already become famous throughout the world for her gorgeous appearance and tennis successes, was invited to appear in Iglesias video called Escape.


However, there was a scandal on the set. Kournikova’s lip was inflamed and Iglesias refused to kiss her (as was in the script). Iglesias said he did not intend to kiss "this pimple youngster." Make-up artists needed to show all their art to cover up the inflamed lip. Soon, Iglesias and Kournikova were increasingly seen together. The singer was once asked what he appreciates most in Kournikova.

“I don’t need more any noisy parties, I don’t like to be constantly visible. Anna in this regard fully supports me. She is not a "five-star glamorous beauty."

In 2003, Kournikova, whose eighth place in the WTA singles ranking, remained eighth, ended her career due to injuries.
The first ring in a sign of grinding appeared on Anna's ring finger a year after meeting. And since then, their relationship has become a series for the public: getting married or not getting married, split up or not. In fact, the couple had to go through a lot.

The public, the media and many others continue to wonder - are Anna and Enrique married or not? In 2020, “Anna Kournikova Iglesias” appeared as a personal data on Kournikova’s Instagram account. Is this a happy ending or the next episode of the series?

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