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5 reasons why you should not be too emotional in love

Alexander Alexeenko - 15.10.19

Love and healthy relationships are the things that we all dream about. You are lucky if you managed to find your couple, but be careful not to scare away your happiness… Express-News will explain why you should not be too emotional while being in love.

Scientists actually made a research that proves that couples who stay together longer than 20 years have brain activity similar to those who just got together! So if you manage to keep your relationship for a long time and go through all the pain together, you will definitely get the reward, such as everlasting love (we hope). So why would you want to keep your love quiet?

Feeling safe

Calm romantic atmosphere leads to reduced levels of jealousy, healthy boundaries and respect. Calm way of communication will teach your partner and you to to be tolerant and patient. Trust us, this will give you more chances to stay together for a long time.


If you are quite it does not mean you are stagnant.

The research shows that less emotional relationships without demonstration lead to low levels of stress and anxiety, that means that in such relationships you will feel safer and happier. Being less emotional does not mean not having the feeling of being in love, it just means taking control over your emotions and taking care of yourself.

Romantic vibes

Once you try being in calm relationships rather than emotional relationships you will understand the difference between romance and profundity. Passion is surely nice, but this is not the good foundation for the long-term relationships. Romantic and calm vibes will be a good start to the development, understanding and true friendship.



You can only build calm and quiet relationships if you are open to each other and you trust each other. You have to agree on certain rules and keep up with them, while not hurting each other and living in peace.

Calmness is something new

Modern world is full of busy people, information, dating apps… Everyday we meet lots of people without getting to know them very well and it makes us feeling empty and tired at some point. Getting to know each other better, having strong and deep emotional bond is something that quiet love will give you and it is also they key to long and happy life together.

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