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5 tricks to win any negotiations

Alexander Alexeenko - 22.10.19

Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is a complex of techniques intended to educate people in self-awareness and effective communication. Also it helps to model and change their patterns of mental and emotional behavior. In other words, if you want to win negotiations you should use a number of tricks NLP offer.


You can oversee many parameters in the behavior of your interlocutor. Using this trick you can, for example, identify his/her values and use them to establish trust and motivation.

To talk about business negotiation, imagine the situation when your opponent says how he/she sticks to financial security and wants the lawyers to check all the contracts. So the financial security is a value for your opponent. Primarily you should adjust to it telling about how you like to recheck thoroughly everything connected with money.

Business negotiations


You can tie the identified value to the actions of your opponent that are purposes for you in the future. For instance, your partner starting to get nervous before closing a deal because he/she is afraid of market risks.

If you are confident about future and also want to calm and cheer your partner just say that you know how the interlocutor values the financial security and assure in having a financial safety cushion. Also you can add that a new project will increase it and anyway you will be able to save the satisfactory level of it.


When we negotiate and discuss complicated issues there can often arise misunderstandings. Although sometimes your opponent can confuse you intentionally to hide some significant information.

For example, your interlocutor offers you to leave all the legal nuances to analysts and better focus on the discussion of project's perspectives. In this case you should specify what nuances he/she means. So you can direct his/her attention to the information that is unclear for you.

Awareness and expression of emotions

Sometimes different emotions can overpower us right during the negotiations. For instance, arisen fear tells about the omission of opportunity that is significant for you.

Emotions interferes you if you restrain them in order not to show to your opponent. In these cases try to breathe deeply because it helps to go through emotions and find a suitable form of their expression. You can express your fear by confident state of new facts in favor of your position.

Using of harvested conditions

The tool helping to rule your condition during the negotiations is anchor. For many people a specific gait or sitting posture is an anchor for confident and calm condition. These anchors start to work at the right moment to help a person becoming more convincing.

Another variant is to remember the situations from your past when you succeeded as a result of negotiations and define your nonverbal language.

Harvested condition

Using these clear and simple tricks you definitely have high odds to win any negotiations. Start to use them when you talk to people from your surrounding and you'll see how helpful they can be in persuading people.

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