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Few steps to make morning good

Alexander Alexeenko - 21.10.19

Morning is the most resource time. The whole day depends on how we start it. That's why it is very important to follow some rules that would be very useful in it.

Prepare your morning from the evening. Take a shower before going to bed, or better a fragrant relaxing bath. Wash all the problems and sorrows off, set yourself up for leaving them behind and then remember all the good, cheerful and funny moments of the day. And not less important to go to bed early - the time between 10 and 11 is the best variant. Going for sleep at that time provides you with getting enough sleep - so say the doctors.

Make your awakening enjoyable. The morning will be good if you refuse hateful ring of alarm clock. Set up a melody that makes you smile. It can be connected with your favorite movie, summer vacation or any other joyful event of your life.

Moreover, it's very important to wake up from the first call. People who set an alarm one hour before the getting up in order to wake them up every 10 minutes want to wake up gradually, but they achieve the opposite effect: they are already irritated by the time they rise and feel overwhelmed.

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Smile! Don't hurry to get out of bed as soon as you woke up. Just lie for a minute, enjoy the moment and smile. Probably you find it stupid to smile, even in the morning, when you have to plunge into the routine of the day but it works. You will feel a mood raise in a minute.


Drink a glass of water as soon as you got up. It has a lot of pros on an empty stomach - it prepares digestive tract for work and cleans mucous membranes of toxins accumulated over night.

Ear and hand massage helps to feel more energetic. Rub the earlobes intensively, roll a ribbed pencil in your palms. And then you can go and take a shower. Psychologists and doctors claim that it is the best method to perk up.

Scientists have established that hugs are extremely useful. Include the hug ritual in your morning plan. Hug anyone you live with or nearby. It even can be you favorite plush dog!

Don't forget to have a breakfast. It optimizes the metabolism and, what is more, morning food is absorbed better than lunch or dinner meals. And the best choice for providing well-being is porridges, muesli, omelette, fruits and vegetables. The suitable drink for the morning except water is tea, - it is useful and invigorative.


Come up with your day. Stop for a minute and imagine how you want your day to look like. And not only today. Imagine your distant plans and dreams in details. For example, the appearance of your future apartment, how you walk barefoot on the surf or how you race on a brand new motorcycle.


Do small good deeds! Give someone a seat in a public transport, hold the door, wish a good day to a saleswoman in the stall, treat a dog in a street with sausage. They will be very pleased of your kindness.

Remember that your mood depends only on how you relate to your surroundings. You are able to make your good mood yourself!

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