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Do and don’ts for keeping healthy

Alexander Alexeenko - 19.10.19 (updated 16.06.20)

In our time many people suffer from terrible diseases such as cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and so on. Of course, there are many reasons for it in the modern world from ecology to bad-quality products. Besides many people seek to look good and stay healthy. It is difficult to achieve without the diets, exercises and following healthy lifestyle as well. Consequently, people are looking for their own ways and methods which are more practical, convenient and effectual for their individual health condition. As an option, if you can’t choose a way to keep fit, you can visit a nutritionist and ask for a piece of advice. So, you will get a prescription and follow it as strictly as you wish. Well, more or less.

Despite many new ways to keep healthy as a massage, acupuncture or chiropractic, you shouldn’t forget about traditional means of keeping your health in a better way. Most of them are effective and tested ones. Firstly, we talk about healthy food. Everyone knows that sweet, salty, fried food and junk food kill us from the inside, and also they conduce to obesity and joint disease and so on. So, the nutritionists recommend try to eat more vegetables, fruits, and fresh natural food. They haven’t saturated fat and cholesterol. Also, focus on how much you eat – it is important. Don’t overeat. For more benefit, you can take the pills containing a combination of vitamins (but don’t forget to ask your doctor about it).

Secondly, you should try to balance the calories you get from food with the calories we can lose doing sports. So, the second way to stay healthy is physical activity. It also will help you feel better and prevent from weight gain. But before started you should consult with the doctor about what kind of exercises you are allowed to do. It is important to say that you can make time for physical activity, then start slowly, and keep at it.

And more, cigarettes and alcohol do harm the whole organism even if you regularly do sport. In process of time, your health will be deteriorated, and you will notice soon.

There is one thing that is bad for health too, but often many people are ignoring it. Meet-free diet. Meat contains a complex of vitamins, protein and amino acids first of all, and this makes a meat substantial part of a meal.

To sum it up,


  • Eat healthy food
  • Say yes for sport and any physical activity
  • Follow medical proved diets
  • Nontraditional means of medicine (but don’t be extra)


  • Overeating
  • Cigarettes
  • Alcohol

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