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Why yoga is one thing that your child should try

Alexander Alexeenko - 14.10.19

Yoga becomes more and more popular every year. In April almost 16,000 parents in the UK signed a petition asking for yoga to be included in the school curriculum. While many children all over the world choose football, basketball or dancing as their hobbies, Express-News suggests you to consider yoga as something your children should try. Here are some reasons why!


First of all, recent studies show that yoga can improve children’s’ behavior and focus, that is obviously very beneficial, especially for hyper-active girls and boys.

We should not forget that yoga promotes health and flexibility, enhance lung function and helps to reduce both physical and mental tension. It is also known that yoga helps to regulate emotions, therefore more than social learning usually offered in schools. Also, yoga makes children more sociable and less shy on a supportive rather than competitive way. Taken together, all these benefits make it very clear why you should give it a go and introduce yoga classes to your child.


Speaking about physical benefits of yoga for children we must mention healthy joints. Middle aged people very often start to have pains in their backs and knees, unfortunately that is something we cannot cure completely, so the answer is to train joints and keep it healthy from early age. Yoga can help!

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