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Single and happy: why women are happier without relationships

Alexander Alexeenko - 18.10.19

Surely, love and family are very important. Mostly everyone dreams about having a big family and finding their true love. However, in reality it is very hard to find someone who will make you really happy. Unfortunately, very often dating ends up not so well and that is why we think that many women are actually happier without relationships. Moreover, according to studies nowadays more and more women choose to stay single, Express-News tells you why.

Less stress

Relationships usually put a lot of stress on women as they have to meet expectations of their partner. Relationships demand everyday work and it can be exhausting… When you are single you do not have to impress anyone, you do anything just the way you want it and you have the opportunity to always be yourself.


More time

Women in relationships very often do not have time for themselves, they take care of their partner, kids, home etc., but they forget about their own interests and hobbies. Single women face this problem very rarely as they plan their day according to their interest.



It is very often when women have to give up their career because of relationships. Single women have more opportunities and more time to achieve their dreams and to build a career.


No judgment

After being single for a while, women usually realise that the main person they should care about is themselves. It means they do not care about what people say anymore and they do not let anyone judge them.


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