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6 types of people who are toxic for you

Alexander Alexeenko - 14.10.19

Most of us usually communicate with a lot of people during the day. While some of them might bring happiness and joy to our lives, others leave us feeling sad and empty… You should be careful as not only negative people are toxic for you, some people might secretly or unconsciously influence your wellbeing, so watch out! Express-News tells you about 11 types of people you should be very careful about.

Conversation narcissists

Some people love themselves very much and they have the special ability of always talking only about themselves all the time. You are lucky if the conversation narcissist has interesting stories, but if he or she is boring than the conversation will be too hard to handle. Anyways, people who always try to be in the center of the attention will make you feel bad at some point. Remember that a good friend will always have time to talk about your life and your problems as well!


Emotional vampires

After talking to an emotional vampire, you will feel very tired, sad and sleepy, may be even ill… It usually happens when the person secretly manipulates and dominates you, while also giving you negative emotions. Be careful and try to stay away from such people.


Highly opinionated people

Having an opinion is usually a good thing, but some people just cannot agree to anything you say! Such people cross boundaries very often as well as give unwanted advice about your life. Trust us, it would be better for your mental health to stay away from people like that. And do not even think about arguing with this people, it is impossible to change their opinion…


Drama queens

These fellows are experts in creating problems out of nothing. While you want to feel positive energy and stay calm, these people will run around screaming and telling everyone that life is horrible and any problem just cannot be solved. Be careful, these people drain our energy and make you feel nervous. It is better to stay away.


Armchair critics

Getting some feedback on your work or your look might be beneficial, but some people imagine that they know everything about anything! They always criticize and give unwanted advice, as well as bringing negative energy to your life. Such behavior can be very toxic to anyone…



These people know exactly what they want and they usually do not care about your desires and needs. Anyone who communicates with them eventually will realize that they are being manipulated in many ways… This people can twist any situation to their benefit and are always polite, charismatic and popular. While it is good for them, it might bring lots of negativity to others.


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