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General facts about Daniela Rajic

Alexander Alexeenko - 21.05.20 (updated 21.05.20)

Daniela Rajic was born November 12, 1990 in Queens, New York. The Rajic family has Serbian origins.


1. Daniela Rajic in business

She worked as a stripper in one of America's most notorious strip connections, Tootsie. The club is a famous meeting place for professional athletes. Graduated from the University of Miami, Florida. During her studies, she worked as a dancer in Florida to support herself during this time. Prior to meeting with Paul George, Daniela Rajic worked as a stripper.

However, as soon as she met him, she stopped dancing and began modeling. Daniela earned a lot on her modeling career. In addition to the dancer and model, Daniela Rajic is also a star of social networks, she is very active on Instagram and has more than 196 thousand followers there. Daniela Rajic also founded a swimwear company Nude Swim bikini line, along with Sarah Nasser, a girlfriend of Patrick Patterson, Oklahoma City Thunder basketball player. Nasser also wanted to start her clothing line, but she only wanted a swimsuit line, which Raich also agreed to.


Daniela Rajic claimed that they "put our face and our name on the brand" during the launch of Nude Swim. And she talked specifically about the idea of controlling every part of the design process, including the type of stitching, and using direct delivery. Rajich and Nasser decided to do everything themselves. They decided that they would not hire a web designer and that they themselves would model and shoot for all the photos on their Nude Swim website and even personally deliver the items before being sent to the post office. In fact, both Rajic and Nasser entered Edmond's post office with four large bags of that were packed with swimsuits.

Nude Swim was launched in February 2019 with 3 collections - Signature, Luxe and Neon. Nude Swim now has its own official Instagram page with more than 10.38 thousand followers.

2. Daniela Rajic’s family

Daniela Rajic has been in a relationship with Los Angeles Clippers basketball player Paul George for many years. Together they have two daughters. The first, Olivia was born in 2014. After 3 years, the couple had a second daughter, Natasha. Not even a year had passed before Daniela filed a lawsuit against Paul George. This happened after she became pregnant, when she openly said that George offered her $ 1 million to get rid of the baby. She refused, however, and gave birth to their first child, Olivia, on May 1, 2014.

George made a statement saying that he would take responsibility for the child only if there is any legal evidence that he was the father of Daniela Rajic’s child. Then he filed a lawsuit against Rajic, demanding full custody of their daughter. For some time they were not together, but later the couple reached an agreement on child support and joint parenting.

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