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5 easy habits that will improve your nutrition and prevent weight gain

Alexander Alexeenko - 16.10.19

We live in the era of fast food and eating disorders. In order to stay healthy, it is very important to control your food habits and try to eat right, but without putting pressure on yourself to avoid anxiety. It is not always easy, but Express-News made a list of easy habits that you need to learn in order to stay as healthy and fit as you can.

Healthy recipe books

Trust us, it is great for your kitchen design and it also will inspire you to cook and eat healthy. Make sure you put the books somewhere you can easily see it!


Makeover the fridge

Make fruits in vegetables more visible by putting them to the eye-level shelves. Also, it is good to have prepared small snacks such as cut veggies or cheese and dips such as guacamole and hummus. It will help you to stick to healthy and tasty diet. You can also add natural toppings as well, such as berries or nuts.


Stick to plain yogurt

We know yogurts with jams are nice, but it has much more sugars than plain yogurts. This very small change will help you to lose weight and be healthier.


No tuna, only salmon

Stick to tinned salmon instead of tinned tuna. Salmon is much richer in omega-3 acids and it will make you feel better and look nicer. Tinned salmon is also cheaper than fresh salmon. If it's in the cupboard, you're more likely to eat it.


Have breakfast

It is very important to start your day right, so make sure you do not miss your breakfast and you keep it healthy.


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