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The truth about coffee and pregnancy

Alexander Alexeenko - 16.10.19

Pregnancy is a beautiful time full of joy, happiness and inspiration. However, many things are forbidden during this period.

Express-News decided to find out the truth about coffee and pregnancy. Is that true that being pregnant should stop you from having a cup of cappuccino? Let’s find out!


In 2010 when the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) issued a statement that says moderate caffeine consumption (less than 200mg a day) does not harm future mothers and their babies. Yet modern scientists and doctors said that the relationship of caffeine and growth restriction are undetermined.

One of the reasons why caffeine might be dangerous is that it is able to cross placenta and reach the baby, and the baby might not handle the amount of caffeine you consume. However, not only coffee contains caffeine, but also many beverages and teas. High caffeine intake may cause various of symptoms, such as insomnia and tremors, despite the fact that caffeine is able to boost the energy and improve memory function.


Pregnant women who consume coffee during pregnancy may risk having babies with low birth weight and it can lead to heart problems in the future. If you drink coffee during pregnancy you might also have less calcium in your body. However, it depends on the doze of caffeine that you take daily.

Overall, if not having coffee gives you stress and anxiety, make sure you have no more than 200mg of caffeine per day. Also, we would recommend you to try decaffeinated teas and coffee, you may like it as much as original coffee. To boost your energy try having a bar of chocolate or juice.

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