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Mystery of Ms. Blavatskaya and the White Dog Cafe

Alexander Alexeenko - 21.10.19

It is known that Americans like to spend time in restaurants, cafes and bars. Pleasant music, good food has to long communication with friends in some cozy small restaurant. And if this venue has an interesting history and is connected with famous people, its visit will bring new knowledge to your life.

Here is, for example, the White Dog Cafe in Philadelphia in the center of the University of Pennsylvania campus, in the building in which Elena Blavatskaya, a Russian nobleman, religious philosopher and spiritualist lived in 1875.


According to legend at the time, the woman was ill, some infection struck her leg, and the case went to amputation. But she was not a simple woman, and contrary to the forecasts of doctors held sessions to improve herself. As a result, one night she was dreamed that a large white dog had run through her body, and on the morning Blavatskaya was already perfectly healthy.

More than a hundred years later, more precisely in 1983, Judy Fitley, a public figure, organized a restaurant in this three-storey mansion and named it after a mysterious dog. Or rather, it all started with a small shop where coffee and buns were traded. And today White Dog Cafe is a landmark of the city and a popular establishment in the city with a fundamentally ecological position. Even the detergents in this restaurant are environmentally friendly.

If anything, customers are convinced here and told that 95 percent of the products used (organic only) buy on local farms no more than 50 miles from the restaurant. At the same time farms are chosen, judging by the advertising leaflet, only with sustainable methods of agriculture and humane treatment of animals.

Today you can order various exquisite dishes here, such as "Sweet stew of farm lamb with nut and sprained lemon" or just vegetable salad, crab cage or tuna tartar.


But here in the distant 19 century, Elena Blavaskaya and Henry Steel Olcott founded the Theosophical Society in Philadelphia, which still exists today. Its objectives are: the world brotherhood of mankind without distinction of thieves, races and origin, the study of Eastern languages for full penetration into the truth, the exploration of the unknown, and the development of the super-sensitive capabilities of man.

Probably, on such high topics students and teachers talk at meetings in the basement of the former mansion Blavatskaya, which is now called White Dog Cafe.

Everyone else can just relax in a cozy cafe, taste dishes made of environmentally friendly products and feel the spirit of the mysterious past

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