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Terry Hobbs missed and no found

Alexander Alexeenko - 17.03.20

Detective novels often describe how a person disappeared without a single trace. It seems to be a lot of clues, but none of them leads to an explanation of what happened. Each path of investigation is unsuccessful. And man has not been found so far. 55-year-old Terry Hobbs from Kinard moved to live with his daughter and son-in-law, Jessica and David Combs, in McClanny, when Hurricane Michael hit in October, 2018.

Jessica drove Hobbs and her children back to Kinard to visit. She dumped them and returned to McClanney on April 12th.

“We together, means my spouse and I were here working at home. She returned [to Kinard] on the 20th day to pick him up, called me and said that she couldn’t get her father, you know, I didn’t hear anything from him since she left him, ”David said. "Only after several days did they realize that no one had seen Hobbs”.

1. Terry Hobbs missing

Based on reports, Hobbs paid visits to his friends during this time. But up to this point, it remains unclear when exactly and where he went missing. The last time he was seen by family members on April 13, the day before the photo was taken below.


The family called Terry Hobbs when it became clear that he was missing. They were surprised when another person picked up the phone. The same person, Billy Black, also reset Hobbs to factory settings and changed his voicemail message to his own.

“I found out that Billy Black's voice was there, and it frightened me because I said:“ Why did he set up his phone as if he had it? "Said Jessica Combs. “I mean, he can come back to receive it at any minute, and if you set it up like yours, then you know that he will not come back to receive it.”

According to a police report, Calhoun County Deputy Sheriff took the phone from Billy Black on the day Hobbs went missing.

2. Terry Hobbs Investigation

Calhoun County Sheriff Glenn Kimbrel says they tried to find Hobbs, but they did not have enough evidence in the case.

“We are concerned that this dishonest game may be due to the fact that he is not,” said Sheriff Kimbrel. “But so far we have not been able to collect information that would prompt us to search for Mr. Hobbs or to blame someone if someone harmed him.”

Kimbrel and his team, however, hope and continue the investigation. He said the agency tipped last weekend, which they are currently studying.

“There is always something new, and, of course, we pursue it,” said Sheriff Kimbrel.

As for family and friends, they say that the sudden disappearance of Hobbs is unusual for him.

“This is a guy if he says,“ I'll see you tomorrow morning at nine, ”he is already there at six, doing what he says is going to do,” said Pamela Daniels, a close family friend. “He was supposed to be with Tanya. That's why I went there. ”

First cousin Tanya Pitts says Terry Hobbs is the man who gives you a shirt right from the back.

“Everything that he had, he would do everything. He would, if you needed mowed grass, he would be there, he would do it. If you need your flower in the garden, he will do it, ”said Pitts. “I mean, he was just such a person. He was just kind-hearted".

The Kinard community has come together to conduct a group search of Hobbs, and according to residents, they will continue their search. If you have any information about Terry Hobbs' whereabouts, if you know aby details, you will be kindly asked to call the Calhoun County Sheriff's office. You can also send feedback anonymously through Panhandle Crime Stoppers. Everyone with information is offered a reward of $ 6,000, even if it is anonymous advice.

3. If someone missing, as Terry Hobbs, what to do

Do not panic. Perhaps they just forgot their phone, got into some kind of activity, or simply forgot to register. Contact friends and relatives to find out if they know the whereabouts of the missing person. Keep your phone available for call, make sure the call is on, and the phone remains full charged in case they try to reach you. If you have good reason to believe that they are indeed missing, contact your local law enforcement agency to report missing persons.

Depending on the policy of the police department, you may be asked to wait enough time (24 - 72 hours) before they receive your message. This should not apply to missing minors, missing elderly people or persons allegedly victims of foul play. The police have certain rules and regulations to protect privacy in the event of such a situation.

Do not be discouraged by the fact that the police adhere to their instructions; remember that they are in place for a reason. If the missing person is vulnerable (that is, under the age of 18, over 65, suffering from physical or mental illness, depression / suicide or disappearance completely unconscious), immediately report the disappearance to the police if your suspicion is aroused. In such cases, it is never too early, and time can make a difference. It may also include a person taking vital medicines who did not take them. You can contact the police and local media to ask for help in publishing their story. it is never too early. The police will need data such as a photo of the missing person, date of birth, address, physical description, clothes that were last seen, and other details of the life of the missing person.

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