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10 reasons to eat an apple a day

Alexander Alexeenko - 10.03.20

Starting from the ancient Greeks, it was talked about the healing properties of apples. But when scientists decided to check how this is true, it turned out that there were not so much vitamins there. In apples, for instance, Vitamin C 10 times less than in oranges. An ordinary apple 100-150 gr covers only 8% of the daily intake of vitamin C, 2% of Retinol, and the remaining vitamins are even less. What is the healing secret of this fruit?

Further research showed that antioxidants are the main wealth of apples, that protect us from cancer, heart diseases, blood vessels, and aging in general. Apples took a leading position among other fruits. All vitamins, antioxidants do not break down during storage.

Scientists from Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) found that apple extracts effectively blocked cancer cells. Only cranberry extract had a more powerful effect. And it turned out that the maximum amount of healing substances contains in the apple rind. Don’t peel the rind if you don’t want to lose a lot. Based on research, the apple are not able to cure various diseases. But with their help, the body can already cope with many dangerous ailments.


It's a well-known fact apples have so much iron: it's number one product for anemic young ladies. But in fact, the benefits of apples are not limited: it is not for nothing that they say if you eat an apple a day, it keeps your doctor away.

1. Improve the health of blood vessels

First, the “bad” LDL cholesterol is reduced by apple diet. Try to add to your daily meal 2 small or 1 big apple a day. Cholesterol plaques lead to dangerous diseases such as hypertension, heart attack and stroke. Scientists have proven that apples help fight these problems and can compare with popular pills. And apples also have a lot of potassium, which is very important for the vascular. So, eating an apple, we get a lot of bonuses at once: we get rid of puffiness, strengthen our heart, we provide prevention of varicose, clean our blood vessels and become much healthier.

2. Strengthen immunity

There is a lot of vitamin C in apples. In the beginning of a cold season, apples are one of the most accessible sources of this vitamin-antioxidant, which is important for our immunity. And even if caught a cold, you can’t find a better food to restore health than baked apples.


3. Protect oncology

Scientists believe that flavonoids, which are found in apple peels, and vitamin C, which has antioxidant properties, are an effective prevention cancer. Antioxidants prevent the appearance of cancer cells. For instance, research has shown that apple lovers are 50% less likely to suffer from some types of cancer.

4. Improve memory

Scientists have proven that regular consumption of apples (or freshly squeezed apple juice, not from packets) increases the level of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the human brain. This biologically active substance takes part in the process of storing information, and it is precisely its lack that causes Alzheimer's disease.

5. Make teeth strong and white

You can brush your teeth after eating, or you can eat lunch with an apple. The dense pulp of the fetus helps to clean the enamel, and the acids that it contains will cope with the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

6. Normalize thyroid function

Apples are one of the few “non-marine” foods that contain iodine: not so much in the pulp as it contains in the seeds. They can and should be eaten in order to eliminate iodine deficiency. But no more than 6 grains a day!

7. Strengthen nerves

Apples contain nutrients such as B vitamins, glutamic acid and phosphorus, which are useful for nerve cells. This means that a person who regularly eats apples is not so afraid of depression, chronic fatigue and apathy.


8. Get rid of wrinkles

The apples are really rejuvenating, they help prolong the youth of our skin and its tone. For this, we must also say thanks to the antioxidant — vitamin C. But apples for this purpose can not only be taken internally, but also externally used. Grate 1 tbsp. l pulp, mix with sour cream and (or) olive oil and hold for 15 minutes on the face. The skin will become shiny!

9. Help to lose weight

Apple fasting days are a classic in order to quickly lose a couple kilogram and cleanse the body, it is recommended to arrange them at least once a month. There are few calories in apples, the content of valuable vitamins and minerals is high, so apples are the basis of many diets. An important nuance: sitting on fresh fruits diet is possible only for people with a healthy stomach. The rest is better to take them in a baked form.

10. Strengthen muscles

Some scientists all over the world proved that apples are one of the best products to prevent muscle atrophy: a disease that has yet to be cured completely. But the peel of apples contains ursolic acid, which can affect the disease. It helps to keep muscle mass stable. How it helps? Reprogramming the genes that are responsible for losing muscle mass and replacing it with fat.

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