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Tesla: As of February, 2020, the reservations spreadsheet shows 520+ Cybertruck reservations

Alexander Alexeenko - 21.02.20

The forum of the Cybertruck Owners Club published unofficial information about the number of preorders collected for the model — there are already more than 522,000. It is alleged that these data based on the Tesla Cybertruck reservation tracking table, which shows the actual quantity of order numbers.

It looks realistic for several reasons. Firstly, in November 2019, in the first month of receiving orders, Elon Musk announced 250,000 applications collected for the purchase of an electric truck. Secondly, at the end of last year, Musk said that the demand of the model is much higher than the company can release in three to four years.


But despite this, the data on 522,000 preorders cannot be called official, since Tesla has never published Cybertruck reservation numbers.
Indeed, the forum contains a table with preorders: it indicates the state or country from where the preorder came, the registration date, the number, and also the modification. The most customers chose the twin-engine version, Cybertruck with three engines has slightly fewer orders.

This is in line with the Tesla report released in November: it was reported that the version with one electric motor was ordered by 17% of customers, with two - 42%, and with three - 41%.

In order to apply for the purchase of new items, you must pay $ 100. In total for the model there are three options: the basic one with a motor on the rear axle costs $ 39,900, a twin-engine version (one motor on the front and rear axles) costs $ 49,900, and a three-engine version (one on the front axle and two on the rear) costs $ 69,900.

Tesla plans to build an electric car factory in Germany, which will provide about 8,000 new jobs, this is called Merkel’s success. In February, the company recalled cars in the USA and Canada due to a malfunction of the bolts in the power steering. Recently, the head of the American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, has compared the British Queen Elizabeth II with the characters of the old children's show “Teletubbies”. The fall in Tesla's stock quotes was attributed to the resignation of Theresa May. Her successor, Boris Johnson, spent several days in the intensive care unit, and the Tesla company began to produce devices for mechanical ventilation.

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