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New research: living by the sea makes you happy

Alexander Alexeenko - 19.10.19

Studies show that around one in six adults in England suffer from different forms of mental illnesses, usually anxiety and depression.

Research made in the University of Exeter showed that people who live close to the sea have better mental health compared those who live inland. Scientists used data from National Health Survey of England and compared people’s health to their proximity to the coast. The results have been published in the Health and Place journal.


This study supports the idea that moving to blue spaces, such as coastal environments, might improve overall wellbeing.

Researchers have studied 25,963 respondents and found that living in the towns by the sea makes people happier resulting better health. It means that those why like less than a kilometer from the sea rarely meet symptoms of a mental health disorders. In comparison, those who live 50km or more away experience such symptoms more often.


Dr White from the University of Exeter said that this research should convince government to protect coastal spaces as it is very important for human wellbeing.

Recently Express-News published information about new research on the results of stress in pregnant women.

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