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Lil Mosey net worth 2020

Alexander Alexeenko - 22.06.20 (updated 22.06.20)

Lil Mosey is a talented rap artist, singer, and composer who has released super-hot tracks such as “Noticed”, “Boof Pack” and “Pull Up”. How did he become famous and what is Lil Mosey net worth?


1.Bright start and Lil Mosey net worth

Lathan Moses Echols was born on January 25, 2002 in Seattle, Washington, where the population of the northern Terrace Mountain Lake was just under 20,000, and it was here that he grew up. In 2016, he began to make music, and information about him is far and few. So you can say that he is pretty new to the rap game. Lil Mosey said his city has many hidden talents, but he is the one who really breaks out of Seattle. The details of Moseys' life are rather obscure, and there is a lot of misinformation, all we know is that he was brought up mainly by his mother, and also has an older brother.

Until the 10th grade, Moses attended high school in Shorecrest, and before that - Mount Highlake High School. While he began to gain acclaim at Soundcloud, he primarily focused more on his music career and was less likely to be seen at school, but he eventually dropped out of school in 2007. He began his profession with ringtone updates and found that his greatest motivation was listening to the 2012 Meek Mill album, “Dreams and Nightmares,” which his older brother uploaded to his iPod.

He has steadily moved towards creating his debut single, “Off White,” which received over 750K hits when it was released on Soundcloud. Shortly after his first debut release, his next “So Bad” tune received over two million streams and was also included in his debut mixtape “Northsbest”, which he released in the summer of 2017. Additional songs included Supreme Hoodies and See You. It’s too early to talk about an impressive Lil Mosey net worth.

He continued to release new singles, but gained significant acclaim after releasing the single "Pull Up" in December 2017. The music video for the single gained 3 million views in a month and more than 26 million views on YouTube. This approach allowed to accumulate great Lil Mosey net worth.

With millions of fans supporting his music, his monstrous achievement forced him to sign an agreement with Interscope Records, leading to his release of the new single “Boof Pack” in 2018. Today, Lil Mosey net worth is estimated at $ 2 million.

2. Lil Mosey net worth and contracts

The rap prodigy has signed with Interscope Records, and he has thousands of followers on SoundCloud and Instagram. Today, most of his fortune comes as a performer. Most of Lil Mosey net worth goes through his music. His YouTube channel has more than 500 thousand subscribers and millions of viewers every day, which can bring him a decent amount only for viewing.

He also makes money on streaming music, visiting tours, and even around $ 3,500 for an Instagram post. All these increase Lil Mosey net worth. As of 2020, Lil Mosley’s net worth is estimated at $ 2 million.

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