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Meaning, value and healing properties of green opa

Alexander Alexeenko - 22.06.20 (updated 22.06.20)

The beautiful green opal is a stone of great importance as a gem, and it has an outstanding history. Its Greek name, Opallios, means “to see a color change,” and this is exactly what happens when a stone radiates a rainbow-colored effect.


This is a birth stone for October, and although everyone wants good luck and joy on their birthday, there was a time when this stone was considered bad news. In fact, it was a novel, thanks to which the stone gained notoriety, and people stopped buying the stone. In fact, there were many stories and superstitions around green opal that gave him notoriety, but they overcame these stories, and today they are regarded as stones of very great importance.

1. Is green opal valuable

The price of opal stones differs worldwide. Opal can only cost a few dollars, but it can also cost thousands of dollars. green opal is a stunning iridescent natural gem, quartz mineral. What distinguishes opal is its ability to flash fiery colors inside a stone. This is just one feature that makes opals expensive.

2. Australian green opal

There are a number of characteristics that make Australian opal expensive and very attractive. Yes, opals exist all over the world, but the largest offer comes from Australia. In some cases, the diffraction of light inside the opal can cause interesting patterns, and these patterns can actually add value to the stone. Small dot patterns are not as popular as bold ones such as stripes.

Valuing green opal is not easy. Each sample has certain factors that make it a unique stone. There have never been certain complex and quick ways to establish which opal stones are classified into a value system. Prices will vary depending on the factor that affects the quality of the stone.

Opal prices vary depending on where you buy it. Australian green opal has a reputation as the most expensive opals in the world. In fact, the rarest raw opal, Australia's Fire, is valued at $ 675,000.

When opal is mined, large unprocessed samples are sorted and sold as opal doublets. Rough opal samples are prepared for cutting into opal gemstones for jewelry. Once opals are classified, they are sold at a price per carat. The cost of opal varies from 10 to 6,000 dollars per carat. Each opal gem is unique from the following.

3. What are the metaphysical properties of green opal

Green opal gives you a better imagination, help you think more clearly and creatively. Beautiful green opal helps strengthen relationships, especially when you wear it around your neck. On a physical level, cool green stones can soothe a fever infection. Such stones will also help you cope with a fast pace of life and unpredictability. For people stuck in a routine, green opal encourages a person to accept the unpredictable nature of life and open themselves up to newness.

Opening your heart, green opal prepares you for change, and thanks to the support provided by green opal, you better perceive new events in your life.

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