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Mike Repole: bio, facts and net worth

Alexander Alexeenko - 18.06.20 (updated 18.06.20)

Mike Repole is a 50-year-old American entrepreneur from Long Island, NY. 5 feet 9 inches tall was born on January 21, 1969.


1.Mike Repole’s net worth and personal life

Mike Repole was born to middle-class parents, mother Annie and father Benny Repole, who worked as a waiter. Being faithful Catholics, his parents came from Italy and lived in Middle Village, Queens, New York. Repole experienced his childhood by starting to study at St. Margaret Elementary School and at the Holy Cross High School.

Later, while continuing his studies at the University of St. John, he received a degree in sports management. Mike Repole currently lives on the north coast of Long Island with his little daughter, whom he has with his wife Maria.

2. Mike Repole’s net worth and career

Mike Repole initially began his vocation at Mistic Beverages, a multinational non-alcoholic beverage company. Later, as vice president of sales, he joined Crystal Geyser (a cold water carbon dioxide geyser) located on the east bank of the Green River.

Mike Repole helped create Energy Brands (a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company) with partner J. Darius Bikoff, who supplies improved waters such as Smartwater and Vitaminwater with improved refreshment. Drinks became the best-selling water brand in the United States, the company's sales grew to $ 1 billion in 2007, and in the first year the profit was about $ 1 million. Energy Brands was later sold to Coca-Cola for $ 4.1 billion in 2007.

In 2009, Mike Repole joined a corn-growing company called Pirate's Booty, as the director of the board of directors accelerated the organization’s growth over five years. B & G Foods later acquired the company for $ 195 million in 2013. Moving forward, he promoted the BodyArmor Superdrink sports drink with partner Lance Collins in 2011.

In 2014, the popular basketball player Kobe Bryant invested a huge amount in a company that attracted media attention. Bryant became the creative director of BODYARMOR, owning the 4th largest stake in the company, and in August 2018 Coca-Cola became the second largest member of the sports drinks brand.

As the current chairman of the company, he has increased BodyArmor sales to such an extent that it is the third most popular sports drink with revenue in excess of $ 400 million in 2018. As a teenager, Mike Repole became a big fan of racing and at the peak of his career, he gradually went in for sports. He opened the Repole Stable and cultivates horse breeding, his horse, Uncle Mo, was named American champion at the age of two years in 2010.

One of his horses became the most popular racehorse in America, winning the Kentucky Derby in 2016. Other most popular horses in the Repole Stable include: Coach Inge, Notacatbutallama, Caixa Eletronica and Stay Thirsty (multiple 1st class winner).

In conclusion, his net worth is estimated at $ 1 billion.

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